Galvanic facial cleansing: How often should you get a galvanic facial?

Galvanic facial cleansing; what is? What is the price of the procedure? Description of disinfection and its properties, benefits, and possible contraindications for implementation. Process progress, results, and actual feedback.

Galvanic facial cleansing is a versatile cosmetic product widely used to clean the skin of the face from acne, blackheads, and other imperfections. It is budgeted but not available in all beauty salons or medical centers because of the need to use special equipment.

Galvanic facial cleansing price

The cost of the service consists of anesthesia with cream, if necessary, and the use of the device itself. Its type usually does not affect the price of the disinfection procedure. Still, the cosmetologist’s opinion and the specialist’s experience directly affect the price.

How often should you get a galvanic facial?

Galvanic facial cleansing is a cosmetic method for cleaning the skin from dirt, acne, blackheads, and other defects, which is based on the effect on the problem area with an electric current of low power and frequency. In another way, it is called resignation. Licensed cosmetologists or dermatologists provide these services.

This method can be compared to manual cleaning, including deep exfoliation. The principle is to destroy the film on the face, dissolve the fat in the pores and remove impurities from the outside. It involves the close interaction of the current with an alkaline solution and its transformation into soap, as well as the removal of contaminants from the skin.

Can perform galvanic facial cleansing both in a beauty salon and at home.

To eliminate skin defects, it may take 3 to 5 procedures. To clean the skin from dirt, usually, 1 session is enough.

The following are the most common galvanic facial cleansing:

  • A small portable device that fits easily in hand. The equipment includes the machine itself and instructions for its use. It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • An electric counter that shows promising results in 3-5 methods. It is primarily intended for home use.
  • A portable device that stands out for its versatility. It combines vibration massage, light therapy, and galvanic currents. The device works with a battery.

Advantages of galvanic facial cleansing procedures

Galvanic facial cleansing is most useful for sensitive skin – oily and dry. It is also ideal for those with overactive sebaceous glands. It is also recommended for rosacea, blackheads, acne, and age spots.

Among the beneficial effects of this procedure, should note the following :

  • Cleansing … With its help, the pores are opened, but it is easier to remove dirt from them. It allows it to breathe better, filled with oxygen and moisture. It gives it an aesthetic and well-groomed appearance.
  • Lifting … Due to this, the skin is tightened, and it becomes even and smooth. Therefore, the person looks rested and younger than his age. Both expression and age wrinkles in the mouth, nose, and eyes are smoothed out.
  • Slows tissue aging … It increases collagen production in the skin, which serves as its skeleton. Thus, it is well supported without sagging.
  • Improves complexion … It becomes natural and healthy by increasing blood flow to the skin and deep hydration. The materials take on a pink color, which is especially important for pale-skinned people.

Galvanic facial cleansing effectively treats acne and rosacea, eliminating puffiness under the eyes and age spots. It is also helpful in softening and removing scars.

Attention! Galvanic facial cleansing provides long-lasting effects that last for a long time, on average 2-3 months.

Contraindications to galvanic facial cleansing

An absolute contraindication for the use of this technique is intolerance to electric current, as well as the presence of a pacemaker in the patient.

The minimum age is 18 years, but you can lower it after consultation with an expert.

Contraindications to such cleaning are also:

  • Skin diseases … It is not recommended to disinfect the face with dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, or psoriasis at the exposure site. Ignoring this moment can lead to their aggravation and treatment complications.
  • Nausea … Under the influence of an electric current and a unique solution, the tumor can start to grow more actively. This technique is not particularly suitable for radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Pregnancy … Electric current can hurt the baby’s development and the mother’s well-being. It applies to the entire third of the years, especially the last third before birth.
  • Dry skin … In this case, cleansing can lead to severe peeling due to exposure to solutions. In addition, itching and irritation usually appear, requiring referral to a dermatologist.
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin … With such a problem, you will most likely bake it due to the solution’s contact with the face’s surface. It can cause these areas to become red, a painful sensation to appear, and slow down the regeneration of the damaged areas.
  • Nausea … It doesn’t matter where they are located; the electric current hurts the cancer cells and promotes their spread throughout the body.
  • Intoxication … You cannot apply this technique to people with general blood disorders, high body temperature, and food poisoning.

Galvanic cleaning is not suitable for people with severe cachexia, loss of sensitivity to pain, advanced atherosclerosis, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system in the acute stage.

Galvanic facial cleansing
Galvanic facial cleansing

How is galvanic facial cleansing performed?

With the help of special equipment, it is possible to clean the entire face and individual problem areas. We are talking about areas such as the nose, chin, and forehead wings.

The procedure takes about 15-25 minutes; the more problems the patient has, the longer the treatment.

The procedure looks like this:

  • The doctor puts sterile gloves on the hands and a cap on the patient’s head.
  • The face is treated with cleansing milk or gel to remove cosmetics and impurities.
  • After the skin dries, a unique alkaline solution is applied to the face and left for a while.
  • Then the doctor turns on the device and gently treats the skin with tip and massaging movements around the circumference.
  • After the formation of soap foam, it is washed off the face, and the skin is dried with napkins.
  • At the end of the procedure, it may be necessary to moisten the treated areas with cream to prevent allergies.

Important! If one session is not enough, then at least 15 days should pass before the next visit to the beautician.

Results of galvanic facial cleansing fracture

The effect of the procedure is noticeable after 1-2 sessions. The skin becomes less oily; blackheads are reduced; acne and rashes are eliminated; acne disappears. At the same time, the color and relief of the face improve, wrinkles are smoothed, and sebaceous glands work every day.

If cleaning the face with galvanic current did not give the desired results, you should contact an endocrinologist; maybe you have some problems with the thyroid gland. If it fails, the skin can be oily and dirty, and acne breakouts will increase.

Suppose disinfection is carried out too often; on the contrary. In that case, the sebaceous glands can start to work even more actively, which can lead to the appearance of an ugly, greasy shine. Often the secret they produce hides in the pores, which leads to a worsening of the texture.

Suppose an inexperienced doctor performs the operation and does not follow all safety rules. In that case, there may be a possibility of skin burns, a violation of the integrity of the capillaries, and bruising of the face.

After disinfection of the facial skin, to consolidate the result, it is recommended to use cleansing masks, lotions, tonics, milk, and other cosmetics to remove impurities. In the early days, you should not use decorative cosmetics except lipstick and mascara. First, you need to leave the foundation, powder, and blush.

Important! During the procedure, you must carefully monitor your diet – reduce the number of flour products, smoked meat, meat, chocolate, and other sweets consumed.

Honest reviews of galvanic facial cleansing

There are positive and negative reviews about galvanic facial cleansing, but they are often still positive. It all depends on the chosen cosmetology center and specialist, his qualifications, and the higher it is, the greater the chance of quality work.

Maria, 32 years old

I love all kinds of beauty products, and not so long ago, I drew attention to galvanic disinfection. I was interested in it as a cheap, painless, and effective way to eliminate acne and pimples. This method, in my opinion, is unique; with its help, it is possible to cope with such problems. Besides, I noticed that as a result, my complexion evened out, my pores narrowed, and my wrinkles were not so noticeable. I can’t say such a method works miracles, but it still helps. I think you need to choose a qualified beautician, like mine. She had 5 sessions, each of which was smooth – no discomfort or pain. After that, I didn’t notice any side effects, so my review about disinfection is highly positive.

Jenifer, 26 years old

Galvanic cleaning or disinfection is one of the routine procedures that I do every month. I always go to the same specialist with a lot of experience, so I can’t say anything wrong. The procedure begins with cleansing the skin, after which a unique composition is applied and treated with a current. All in all, it takes about 15 minutes, which is relatively short for me. I like that after this, there is no need for rehabilitation and no traces left. I heard about the risk of burning but so far, so good; even the painful sensation doesn’t occur during cleansing, which I’m happy about because chemical peels cause irritation and redness in my skin.

Anastasia, 30 years old

Termination worked for me, but I don’t find it all that effective. It only helps to prevent potential blackheads, acne, and other cosmetic blemishes. The number of them after that did not decrease much, but my complexion improved, the skin did not become so oily, and it stopped shining as much as before. Just for this, you can take 1-2 courses because home masks still don’t help. I liked the low price for beauticians’ services; it is affordable even for me. My mother is on maternity leave, and my husband appreciated the result; he said, I look better now.


Galvanic facial cleansing can be an excellent alternative to chemical and ultrasonic cleaning. It exceeds in cost and is not inferior. Still, it is essential to choose the best specialist, study his work, and review it in advance.

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