Gray hair: How to paint over gray hair at home?

Gray hair; the best natural dyes and permanent dyes. How to paint over gray hair, the intricacies of coloring, proven methods, and techniques.

Painting over gray hair is a complex and responsible task that every woman sooner or later has to resort to. When the fur changes color, this is not only reflected in its appearance but its structure is disturbed. It is due to the difficulty of staining. Therefore, before painting over the gray hair, it is necessary to understand the peculiarity of gray curls to choose the most effective solution.

Characteristics of gray hair

Of course, hair is “colored” thanks to cells like melanocytes. They are the ones that give the hair a particular shade. Negative factors, aging of the body leads to their loss. Therefore, the color is lost, replaced by a familiar shadow, and you must look for a hair dye that paints over gray hair.

Changes also occur in the structure of the hair shaft: when the pigment leaves, only oxygen remains in the core. As a result, curl elasticity is lost along with melanocytes. These cells also provide elasticity and resistance to destructive elements. And with their loss, the hair is vulnerable to sunlight and other adverse effects. If the paint that covers the gray hair corrects the color but does not fill the strands with life, they become dry and brittle, rough to the touch.

That’s why it’s essential to deal with gray hair with care for curls. You can’t take the first tool you come across and paint over your gray hair. As a result, the already lifeless hair will suffer; it will look like dry straw. Therefore, you should choose a balance so as not to cause harm.

What to do if your hair turns gray?

Before you paint over the gray hair on your hair, you need to assess the situation sensibly. You don’t always have to choose drastic methods.

The first to turn gray are the areas on the temples. A naturally blond person can do it without straining for a long time since these areas are almost invisible. Dark people can try highlights first. When up to 50% is touched, this is an excellent way out of the situation. Actual to achieve good results, a professional should deal with emphasis.

Also, with an insignificant percentage of gray hair, bleach helps. It paints well over problem areas. But if you want to change the color radically, you should look for information about which paint to paint over gray hair. Since balms are usually only effective if the tone is close to “native.”

Another option is semi-permanent paint. It is appreciated for being ammonia free. Accordingly, it didn’t last as long as we wanted. You can count on a few weeks; then, you will lose the color with each wash. This solution is temporary if your scalp has less than 30% gray hair.

It is not necessary to look for products of cosmetic companies with a chemical composition: they also use folk remedies to paint over gray hair and vegetable color. Admittedly, such methods are limited to tone selection. However, they delight that, with proper use, they also strengthen curls.

By the way, sometimes a visit to a trichologist will help solve the problem most humanely.

If a man goes gray prematurely, they will recommend him:

  • Mesotherapy … By introducing vitamin B, niacin, and oligosaccharides under the skin, it is possible to improve nutrition and blood flow on the scalp. The events will return the color if gray hair has appeared due to metabolic disorders. Depending on the drug, one procedure costs 2000 rubles.
  • External remedies … Applying gels and ointments rich in sulfur, copper, zinc, and iron can stimulate pigment production.
  • A healthy diet is essential to make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals by replenishing their reserves in time. And diet adjustment is one of the integral parts of the plan to restore color instead of looking for products that paint over gray hair.

Nevertheless, suppose you want to work with your hair. In that case, it is better to adjust immediately so that you will not be able to return the “native” color. It is worth moving away from it a few tones for lightning. First, it will help smooth the tone. Secondly, with age, wrinkles and other defects appear on the skin. If you paint over gray hair with light paint, the face will also benefit – all the nuances will not be so obvious.

Suppose you still want to stay in a dark tone. In that case, it is essential to consider that coloring does not hide but only emphasizes the receding hairline! That’s why it’s worth thinking twice before giving explanations. In addition, growing roots will also appear much faster due to the contrast of dark paint and gray hair.

Natural dyes for gray hair

Many people are wary of regular dyes that paint well over gray hair as they are afraid of ruining hair that has already lost its elasticity and vibrant shine. There is a rationale for such fears. Moreover, you can try to hide gray hair with natural remedies that are not so dangerous.

The following natural dyes are used:

  • Basma and henna;
  • Coffee – natural, both ground, and grain;
  • Pharmacy chamomile;
  • Onion skins;
  • Walnut fruit.

To determine which option to choose, you first need to figure out whether paints over gray hair and how effective other natural dyes are. But it is even more important to understand that natural remedies are often more difficult to stain. It is almost impossible to guarantee that we will obtain particular color. But even if you achieve the desired tone, it is not a fact that will color the hair evenly. It is worth returning to the peculiar gray curls – they have a broken structure. Therefore, dyes will not penetrate evenly. The difference between tips and roots becomes incredibly noticeable.

It is even more cautious about experimenting with people with coarse hair. They are hard to work with. Natural dyes are often “not taken” from the first attempt. It will be uncomfortable if the color is “taken” by areas. Therefore, experimenting with a single string is the ideal choice.

Of course, a big plus is that Basma covers gray hair, like other natural products. Sometimes, this is the only acceptable choice if you are allergic to regular paint.

Having decided to paint over gray hair with folk remedies, you can experiment to get winning colors:

  • Adding tea or coffee, cocoa, or other ingredients to Basma with henna gives you the dark spectrum’s most unexpected and fun colors.
  • If gray hair appears in a red-haired man, then henna or onion peel will save.
  • For dark-haired people, it is better to use a mixture of henna with Basma. Otherwise, a blue-green color may appear.
  • It is ideal for blondes to dye with a decoction of chamomile, which will make the curls golden.
  • If you want a deep dark color, a mixture of Basma with henna is recommended; the second should be more prominent. In addition, they certainly add strong black tea or coffee.
  • With rhubarb, you can dye gray hair light brown.

It’s just that henna, along with some additives, shows impressive results. With crushed dried elderberries, you get a ripe plum shade. If you want reddish hair, add cinnamon. Light red is obtained when henna is mixed with ginger or parsley. Combined with the performance of chamomile or dandelion, the color will give a real gold.

The important thing is not the answer to whether henna paints gray hair but understanding – natural remedies are effective at the initial stage. When the whole head is gray, it will not be possible to solve the problem radically.

In this case, you have to perform tests to achieve beautiful results. The length and stiffness of the hair and the spread of gray hair are taken into account. Although henna paints over gray hair, natural products only disappoint if mishandled.

To avoid trouble, you should follow these rules:

  • When henna is combined with Basma, it does not mean they are mixed – they are colored in stages.
  • It is worth sticking to the time to maintain the composition of the hair, do not hope that the longer you keep the product, the better the color will take; this is a false belief.
  • Protect the skin from staining: apply oil or cream.
  • It is important to rinse your hair thoroughly after coloring. Natural dyes make the threads heavier, so you must wash all particles without residue.
  • Wash off herbs without using shampoo.

Before painting over gray hair with henna, it is essential to remember that they wash out quickly enough. Although the hair will thicken, you will have to repeat the procedure more often. Moreover, after natural coloring, you cannot immediately use professional paint!

When you go to the store for henna, you need to expect that the powder in the amount of 100-300 g will be enough for short or medium hair. If the curls are long, it needs up to 500 g.

Long-lasting dye for gray hair

Thinking about the best way to paint over gray hair, when choosing cosmetics, you should study their types. First, they differ in the concentration of the oxidizing agent: the more it is, the more stable the result will be. But the effect on the threads will be more harmful!

The following ratios are recommended:

  • If gray hair is less than a quarter of all inches, a 3% oxidant is sufficient.
  • When the head is 50% white, a 6% oxidizer is required.
  • If the hair is entirely gray, take a dye with a 9% oxidizer.

When studying the tips that paint gray hair well, you should pay attention to the ammonia content. He does not like to damage the curls. However, the substance increases the effect. It will not work to paint over gray hair without ammonia: it should be at least 6%. Rich and uniform color is then guaranteed.

When choosing a product, remember that the threads’ thinner, the easier it is to dye them. Accordingly, with the stiffness of curls, you must take a concentrated dye with a high percentage of oxidants.

Before painting over gray hair at home, you must carefully choose a shade for a long time so as not to spoil the look. It is worth remembering that gray curls are a source of concern and trouble, not only because they indicate age and disappoint with fragility and vulnerability. Alas, the wrong tone is fraught with sad consequences. It’s one thing if a given color combination doesn’t work out and quite another when the hair turns green or yellow. We must think a hundred times what color to paint over gray hair, given that not all colors will look natural on such hair.

What should be thrown away immediately – from too pure and bright colors? Dyed gray hair then looks like wigs. They also emphasize a tired look and wrinkles.

It is better to find an ash color if you have a question about how to paint over gray hair on blonde hair. Then the growing roots will not be so noticeable. Generally, I guarantee the result is flawless even at the first home experiment.

Light shades are preferred if the hair is not only gray but also thinning. In fact, against a dark background, the skin under the threads will be more visible.

Choose a suitable paint that covers gray hair, according to reviews. After learning about other people’s experiences, it is easier to choose a particular product.

 Most popular resources:

  • Permanent Hair Color Cream … This is a proven and reliable solution. The manufacturer offers a wide range of colors to get a perfect result. The paint is appreciated for its creamy structure, thanks to which the composition is easy to spread evenly over the strands. You can safely paint over the gray hair without worrying about curl damage: a protective serum is included in the kit.
  • Permanent cream paint … Another decent option. The device copes well with the problem while strengthening the curls. Estelle paints over gray hair and maintains hair thanks to the presence of complex oil in the composition.
  • Permanent Hair Color Cream … Also got good reviews. With its help, you can hide gray-green strands, and the vitamin complex in the design will support the condition of the hair.
Gray hair
Gray hair

How to paint over gray hair?

Once you decide what to paint over gray hair, you should prepare for the process and learn about its pitfalls. It is worth starting where the threads are the whitest – usually whiskey. From there, they gradually move up to the head and then back to the head.

Use the paint; then, you need to rub the head a little and help the dye get better into the structure of the hair.

Before rinsing, it is recommended to comb the hair with a comb. Thanks to this, it will smooth the transition between shades. Another secret of uniform dyeing: 5 minutes before the dye ages, it is helpful to wet the hair a little.

The technique of using the color combination varies depending on how white the head is:

  • If individual strands are upset, you don’t need to damage the whole hair: you can walk along great curls. It is convenient to apply the paint to a point using a toothbrush or mascara brush. Or, as an alternative, they resort to highlights and balayage techniques. Still, in this case, it is better to turn to specialists.
  • To correctly paint over the gray hair, if half the head has turned white, choosing a device for 1-2 tones in light harmony from the “native” color is worth picking. Pigmentation starts with blackish gray colors and gradually moves to areas that cannot change. Do not expect that; in this case, it is practical to paint over gray hair with the help of a tonic: a dye will only help to maintain the result.
  • If the head is entirely or almost gray, then the choice is for persistent paint, which is applied to the entire scalp completely but also moves from the temples. You should not expect to be able to paint over gray hair with natural paint: instead, you can get green or yellow curls and then fight them, which is very difficult. When the head is 50-100% white, you must rely on regular dyeing every 2-3 weeks.
  • If you need to maintain beauty after dyeing by renewing the roots, then it is a shame to expose your hair to chemicals all the time. It is where a tonic or shampoo that covers gray hair will help.


In any case, hair requires care. It is necessary not only to decide for yourself how to paint over gray hair without injury but also to choose cosmetics that will nourish and moisturize curls in the future. Priority for specialized products for colored hair. They also help preserve color.

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