What is the beauty sleep?

What is the beauty sleep?

Beauty sleep might sound like an old wives’ tale, a myth passed down through generations, but recent scientific research suggests that there’s a grain of truth to it. The term beauty sleep refers to the concept that getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep can contribute to enhanced physical attractiveness and overall health. This concept, … Read more

Expert Tips for Making Your Fine Line Tattoo Last Longer

Making Your Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoo is having a moment, with celebs repping them all over social media. These thin tattoos look soft and elegant, but how do they hold up over time? Caring for a new tattoo is essential to help it heal and keep it vibrant. It’s also critical to avoid doing anything that could ruin … Read more

Latest Trends in Hair Color

Latest Trends in Hair Color

Hair color services¬†offer a wider range of trendy looks to their clients. Millennial clients are more likely to seek ombre, glossing, and fashion shades than older ones. Most of these clients seek color when they need a touch-up, while 40% go for a new look because they want a fresh look. The latest trends and … Read more

Stars: How to remove stars from your face yourself.

How to remove stars from your face yourself.

¬†Stars; how to remove them? Methods for the treatment of facial spider veins. Plans to remove rosacea with lasers, masks, drugs, and combinations of traditional medicine are considered. Spider veins on the face are ugly formations that represent a point with tiny capillaries extending from it. In their normal state, their thickness is negligible, so … Read more

Facial cleansing: types, tips, techniques

Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing; what is? Main variations. Indications and contraindications for the procedure. How is facial cleansing done in the salon? Real reviews. Facial cleansing removes keratinized epidermal particles, excess oil, and mud build-up from the surface of the skin and its upper layers. Regularly using this proper method can significantly improve your appearance, make your … Read more

Galvanic facial cleansing: How often should you get a galvanic facial?

Galvanic facial cleansing

Galvanic facial cleansing; what is? What is the price of the procedure? Description of disinfection and its properties, benefits, and possible contraindications for implementation. Process progress, results, and actual feedback. Galvanic facial cleansing is a versatile cosmetic product widely used to clean the skin of the face from acne, blackheads, and other imperfections. It is … Read more

Raspberry vinegar for hair; recipes and real reviews

Raspberry vinegar for hair

Raspberry vinegar for hair; what are the benefits, and how to make it at home? Its contraindications. How to prepare the remedy at home? Practical recipes for healthy, silky hair. Natural women’s reviews. Raspberry vinegar for hair is a natural remedy that helps maintain the health and beauty of curls. The successful combination of nutrients … Read more