Facial fitness – advantages and a set of exercises

Facial fitness; what is face fit? What problems can special gymnastics have? How to regain youth with miracle exercises? Results and reviews.

Facial fitness is a set of exercises done to preserve and maintain the beauty and youth of the face. During the training, different muscles are active, but some need relaxation while others need tension. Therefore, a professional approach is recommended – using methods that have already managed to prove their efficiency in practice. Then the results are awe-inspiring.

What is facial fitness?

Facial fitness is considered a relatively new, young set of exercises but quickly gained popularity in various countries. In addition, there are several training designers. Each offers their vision of maintaining beauty and youth, preserving them for many years, or even turning back the clock – renewing the look if the first signs of withering have already appeared.

According to statistics, women generally do not believe in miracles. They come to class to maintain the condition they already have. Although experts claim that bodybuilding exercises can do more. Namely, they erase wrinkles and folds that have already appeared and tighten areas that have had time to sag.

Before starting a course, you should understand the fundamental principles of training:

  • As with regular body exercises, a warm-up is essential for face training. In this case, basic actions are enough: build different masks, and pulling yourself by the hair is helpful.
  • The session should include several different exercises, as there are many muscles in the face, and you should use them. And also because the problems are caused by the lethargy of tissues and their hypertension. The first is obvious, but not everyone thinks about the second. Meanwhile, it is essential to stress the muscles and not forget relaxation. Massage is highly beneficial for complete peace. Therefore, it is worth resorting to it, but only in connection with physical activity for the face.
  • You can expand the arsenal of practical activities to return beauty and youth and improve the image. The exercises for the face during the facial are supplemented with self-massage with vacuum balls. Thanks to them, blood flow to the cells is ensured; therefore, the result is much more apparent and noticeable.

It is excellent when a trainer talks about the rules of facial fitness for the forehead and face in general and the need to train the body as a whole. The head muscles do not exist independently, apart from the neck and shoulders, arms, and back. Therefore, phenomena such as a blurred face oval, double chin, and pronounced nasolabial folds are also caused by a weakening of the tone in general.

To surprise with the numbers in the passport, contrary to appearance, you need gymnastics that affect the whole body. Practicing facial fitness along with general strengthening exercises is not only correcting the image in the mirror, which has already been formed, but also “turning back the clock.”

Interestingly, Carol Magio got into her complex only after she became a victim of unsuccessful plastic surgery on the face. Although the woman initially worked as an aesthetic beautician, she decided that only a surgeon’s scalp could fix her nose. Unfortunately, do not justify her confidence: instead of improving her appearance, the operation worsened the problem. It encouraged Carol to study anatomy more actively, after which her complex was born, which gained world fame.

Why is facial fitness exercise beneficial?

The significant advantage of facial fitness for beginners is that nothing is complicated. To take anti-aging measures, it is enough to set aside a maximum of half an hour a day. It is better first to watch how artisans do gymnastics: there are more than enough such videos. After repeating it a few times with a trainer, you can practice independently.

They start from 5-10 minutes a day. As experienced people say, you must do at least 5-10 exercises. The main thing is to affect the face in a complex way. In this case, the effect will be noticeable: strengthen the muscles, reduce wrinkles and nasolabial folds, and eliminate puffiness.

Another advantage of exercise from wrinkles and other signs of disappearing is that it has almost no contraindications and age restrictions. You can start training young girls.

Although girls rarely resort to exercises for the eyelids and other areas before age 30, experts only recommend doing exercises for 25-year-olds. At this age, as yet, invisible processes begin due to withering. Moreover, today’s youth are still characteristic, as many leads an inactive lifestyle, and addiction to gadgets also worsens the situation. Mimic clamps appear very early – the basis for the appearance of the first wrinkles and folds.

Already before thirty, one can notice “pub feet.” Around 40 – the oval face is fluid. However, all these phenomena can be postponed if you start taking care of slowing down the negative processes earlier. Plus, a base charge also gives you energy, even if it lasts about 15-20 minutes.

In addition, exercise helps activate cell nutrition, which is essential and beneficial in its own right. Therefore, a skin-improving effect is seen. The dryness disappears, and when it is absorbed, the inflamed areas are restored faster. You can generally tell from the outside that the person has become fresher.

How to do facial fitness, right?

You can quickly notice visual changes if you choose intelligent facial movements for the face line. The work is done with the muscles, which, like the body’s muscles, fire up willingly and create a refreshing appearance. Ideally, you need to assess your weaknesses and create a complex for them. However, performing some basic exercises that will already help start a positive transformation will be helpful.

Facial fitness for lips

With age, women unconsciously get used to stuffing their lips. And the sooner such a habit appears, the more pronounced the facial expression will change. Density gives a gloomy appearance; wrinkles form along the edge of the lips, which leave a mark on the overall appearance. Of course, it is better not to let this happen. But face fitness for lips will help to pause the process. If you continue to exercise regularly, soft plumpness will return, although not to the same degree as teenagers.

You can do an essential exercise to relax the muscles of the lips:

  • It would help to choose a small cap or plug so that the item fits freely in the mouth. The ends of the lips are almost closed at the same time.
  • The part is held by the lips, avoiding tension.
  • To achieve success, it is enough to stand for one minute.

The key is to avoid stress. Let the plug hang wholly free and keep the lips more relaxed.

Facial fitness for the forehead

The forehead is another sensitive spot. The habit of raising eyebrows, constant thoughts about all kinds of problems – all these serve as a basis for the appearance of wrinkles. You do not need to go to a beautician to smooth the surface. To do this, home exercises will help.

For the beauty of the forehead, perform the following exercise:

  • The palms are pressed to the forehead and placed from the eyebrows to the temples.
  • Next, pull the muscle down and slightly to the sides with your fingers.
  • After the hands are kept in the same position, try to raise the eyebrows with resistance.

If there is tension on the back of the head during exercise, it is better to rest your elbows on the table. This exercise is repeated up to 30 times. Quality is the key, not speed. So keep the pace calm.

Facial fitness
Facial fitness

Facial fitness for cheeks

Suppose the cheeks are sagging and the chin has become more massive, described inexplicably. In that case, facial fitness from the wings will help lift the oval face. The lower lip is pulled up, and the chin is stroked down with the fingers. At the same time, do not strain your lips! It is also essential to ensure that the corner of the mouth does not creep down. It is enough to do this exercise up to 5 times.

Another thing that scares you with age is your cheeks. A solution will come from somewhere. Even if one eats in a balanced way, the beauty of the defined cheekbones disappears and is replaced by shapelessness. But can fight against even this phenomenon. The facial features of the cheekbones change pretty quickly and obviously with minimal effort. The following exercise is helpful.

Should fold the products the same way as when pronouncing the “O” and slightly stretch forward. They remain in this position for about five seconds and then relax, and you can repeat the exercise a few more times.

The effect will be in the case when some of the nuances of the implementation are noticed. It is necessary to feel how the muscles around the mouth and nose are stretched. The tension should be in all areas, from the corners of the mouth to the eyes.

Other practical exercises for the cheeks:

  • Relax, lower your shoulders and adjust your chin, so it is parallel to the floor.
  • After opening the mouth, it is necessary to “hug” the teeth with the lips.
  • When you have corrected this position, you must try to smile – raise the corners of your lips.
  • The chin is pushed forward and freezes for half a minute.

After relaxation, the exercise is repeated at least 3 times. There is also facial fitness for the nasolabial: the notorious vertical fold at the nose is reduced. You will notice a “melting” double chin if you practice it regularly.

Results in facial fitness

Although this collection of exercises is not the latest, not all contemporaries are familiar with it. And first of all, every girl is interested in whether facial fitness helps. However, the answer to that is not unequivocal.

First, it all depends on the initial state of the body. Some girls notice changes very quickly: within 3-4 weeks, their face begins to change. The signs of youth return to him – chiseled cheekbones and chin, no wrinkles on the nose, minimal wrinkles. Others complain that they repeat complex after complex without observing tangible changes.

Secondly, both lifestyle and relationship with sports matter. Facial fitness at home shows completely different effects, depending on whether the body has the opportunity to rest and get nutrients from food. While gymnastics is replicated precisely for facial expressions depending on the coach, exercises for posture cannot be ignored.

Many wellness practices associate the back with appearance. And there is such a connection. The results of face training are magical when the spine is stretched and straightened. In this case, the second chin goes, the oval of the face becomes apparent and expressive, and the cheekbones are drawn.

Real facial fitness reviews

Of course, it is interesting to read reviews about facial fitness for the face. However, an individual’s opinion cannot be considered objective without knowing the whole reality. Still, learning about other people’s habits is helpful.

Anna, 28 years old

I don’t see signs of aging, but puffiness is my problem. In the morning, I get up swollen, and while I spread out, this phenomenon does not pass. The face is heavy and ugly and discomfort. I practiced face training for about a month – I can’t say that it is directly “wow!” But looking at myself in the mirror in the morning just got a little more fun. In addition, he encouraged me to train; now, I do yoga and have a little strength. And I continue to learn with the face. Maybe it really won’t go away that quickly.

Elena, 35 years old

Once, with horror in the reflection, I saw that my face was “spreading.” It’s not that I’m just getting old, but some clarity, lightness, and clarity of features are gone. Girlfriend praised for a long time

fitness – before and after its results are generally noticeable. In general, I tried it and participated. I like too! First, I began to pay more attention to myself. Secondly, in my opinion, the look has also been refreshed.

Valentina, 48 years old

By now, the skin has completely blown. Pure feeling – dryness, only – irritation immediately. And in appearance, of course, wrinkles appeared. I accidentally got into the championship; I liked it. I decided to repeat at home what I remembered. I don’t know; the direct effect may not be noticeable, but I saw a friend did not meet for about six months, and she immediately noticed – “What’s wrong with you? Were you somehow younger?”


When reading facial fitness reviews, it’s better to be aware that this is a long and challenging task. While you don’t need to exercise much daily, regularity is vital. Then the face will not hesitate in gratitude – it will refresh, rejoice with blush and beauty.

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