California highlights: Features and technology of high definition in California highlights.

California highlights is American masters invented; they were inspired by the beauty of the sunny beaches of California. Since then, this coloring has been trendy, not only in America but also in Europe. This type of coloring involves a smooth transition from light ends to dark roots.

A highlight in California is a unique hair coloring technique that allows you to achieve a fading effect. At the same time, the hair looks natural as there are no sharp transitions from the dark root zone to the light ends.

California highlights on dark hair

Highlighting dark hair is very popular since it is almost impossible to become blonde from a brown-haired woman or a brunette immediately. Often this coloring method is used as a gentle, gradual lightening.

California style with emphasis on dark hair

It is one of the most challenging types of coloring since, during the procedure, the master has to take 3-6 shades, which blend well with each other. Depending on the woman’s preferences, the lightest color can be honey or platinum. Furthermore, the master chooses darker tones that can “hide” growing roots.

It should note that this coloring is done on natural hair that is not dyed. Otherwise, you risk getting a yellow tint. If you want to do Californian lightening on the strands, but recently dyed curls in a dark color, use a wash.

Choosing a color for California with emphasis on dark hair

Initially, it was to use only light, natural tones. But now, extravagant individuals and show business stars use green, blue, and pink colors to create hairstyles. In this case, the stretching method for color movement is practiced to get a smooth transition from natural hair color to bright. An oxidizing agent of varying strength is added to the direct dye. Thus, a combination with a high amount of oxidant will make your hair shine. The color gradually disappears as the concentration of the oxidizing agent in the mixture decreases.

Californian highlights on light brown hair

Most women in our country have naturally brown hair, which color is not always pleasing. If you are not ready to spoil your hair with oxidants but want to refresh your look, make highlights in California.

The California sensibility accentuates light brown hair.

Owners of light brown hair consider their curls gray and noticeable. If you don’t want to lighten your hair and completely ruin it, resort to a California highlight method. Such a change in the image allows you to look natural and eliminate the “grayness” of light brown hair.

Color selection for California accented light brown hair.

The primary tones for coloring light brown curls are:

  • Light blonde;
  • Ash
  • Platinum;
  • Flour.

The lightest color is chosen based on the color type of the girl. Of course, ash and platinum shades perfectly simulate a tan. Still, they are unsuitable for girls with “spring” and “summer” color types. Therefore, if you are characterized by redness and peach skin, choose wheat or honey as the lightest color.

Californian highlights on blonde hair

There are not many girls who can boast of light. Californian highlights allow you to refresh your look without using vital ammonia compounds and oxidants. It is a way to brighten the face and not ruin the curls.

California Highlights Suggestions for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair makes a girl look brighter, but what about the color red? After all, there are very few natural blondes. Mostly fair-haired girls boast wheat or honey color with a red sheen. If you’re bothered by red tones, it’s time to make a California highlight.

Choosing a color for California highlights on blonde hair

This method is easier to perform for fair hair because instead of 5 colors, you can use 2 or 3, which will significantly save your budget. Usually, hair coloring is done with a shade lighter color and the lightest. Sometimes artisans use bright lights as the color for the tips.

How to make a highlight in California

Due to the popularity of Californian highlights, many girls now want to change their hairstyle in this way. Accordingly, the number of customers in the salons has now increased. Among them are those who tried independently without much success to lighten their hair. It is tough to transition smoothly from one color to another without proper experience. Sometimes, the masters resort to the coloring method to remove the borders between shades.

How to do highlights in California

It is best to leave your hair to the professionals, as the technique to perform the work is very complex. Coloring is complicated at home. In this case, you need to understand the compatibility of sunglasses and choose the appropriate colors for your look. For the face, foil is not used because there is no need to lighten the hair much; you need to achieve a smooth transition from one shade to another by stretching the color. To prevent the color composition from dripping from the hair, beeswax is used. It gently envelops and nourishes the hair. When bleached strands come into contact with curls without dye, a flash effect is observed, which gives the hair a fade and naturalness.

California highlights hair color
California highlights hair color

The pinnacle of technology

The painting technique is complicated, mainly if 4-5 shades are used. At the beginning of the procedure, all hair is divided into horizontal partings and then into cells. It should look like a chessboard. First, an oxidizer is applied to the ends, lightening the strands. It must be for 10 minutes. After that, a lighter color is used, followed by the rest of the selected colors. At the same time, sometimes the masters perform, 5 minutes before the end of the coloring, with a damp brush from the tips to the roots. It allows you to smooth out boundaries between tones.

Guide for California highlights at home step by step

To perform a California home identification correctly, it is recommended that you strictly follow our instructions:

  • Wash and dry your hair.
  • Find the colors you want. The darker the curl, the more colors you need.
  • Part your hair horizontally and then select the strands in a checkerboard pattern. You don’t have to try to choose pieces that are the same size. Try not to “base.” The best width of the thread is 1-1.5 cm. Gather the lines into bunches.
  • Apply the clarifying compound to the ends and leave it on the hair for 10 minutes.
  • Use a darker tone a few centimeters above the colored area.
  • Towards the roots, the paint curls, gradually increasing the saturation of the shade.
  • 5 minutes before coloring, brush with a brush moistened with water from the tips to the roots.
  • Rinse off the dye. If necessary, apply an anti-yellow mask to the curls.


As you can see, hair coloring using the California highlight technique is not easy. In this case, you will have to spend a considerable amount on purchasing 3-5 packs of paint. If you want your hair to look natural, contact your hairdresser.

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