Choose bed: What kind of bedding should you choose?

Choose bed; tips for choosing the suitable bed linen: what nuances should be taken into account when buying and from which fabrics it would be better to choose high-quality bed linen. The bed linen includes materials for preparing a bed – pillowcases, sheets, and duvet covers. I want to buy underwear like this to last a long time and be high-quality, even if it is expensive. Usually, the standard set includes 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases, and 1-bed sheet. Manufacturers make all linen according to the pillow, mattress, and blanket size. It can be double, one and a half and one.

How to choose bed linen so it is all of high quality?

  • Pay attention to the label. It should include the name of the company, its address and telephone number, the fabric’s composition, the equipment’s arrangement, indicating the size of each product, and suggestions for care. Remember that the better the packaging, the better the product, although there are exceptions – marketing.
  • The stronger the material, the longer it will last. If the material is of poor quality, it will shine through, and its structure will be like a sieve. Choose a more durable material. Batiste has a low density; flax – below average; cotton – medium; Turkish silk and artificial fabrics – above average; percale, Satin, and Chinese silk – high density; gloss satin and Japanese silk – very high density.
  • Pay attention to the seams when the laundry is turned inside out. The seam should have special linen and treated edges so that the line does not creep at the seams after several washes.
  • Threads from which fabric is sewn must be robust, durable, and match the tone without uncut ends.
  • The smell of linen should be pleasant and smell like only textiles. If you smell, this threatens at the very least that the lines will run out during the first wash, and at most that you have allergies and poisoning. Just rub generously on the front of the line – if there are traces of paint on your hand, it’s a slight undercoat.
  • Please pay attention to bedding; it makes a big difference. Linen ranks first among the most environmentally friendly and durable materials. This material is universal at any time of the year: in winter, it warms, and in summer, it gives a pleasant coolness. But it has one drawback – it wrinkles and is difficult to iron.
Choose bed
Choose bed

Very durable and practical bed linen is also considered to be Satin (Egyptian cotton) … Satin is very dense, shiny, and pleasant to the touch. The only downside to natural Satin is its high price. But most of the time, the quality is higher than the price so you can choose it.

However, there is also such underwear that is both economically advantageous and very practical and beautiful. That calico linen … The essential quality of coarse calico is durability.

  • It does not lose its popularity as flannel bedding … However, if it is used often, it can become coated with pellets and lose all its original appearance.
  • In their ranking, the most inexpensive fabric for bed linen is calico linen, but good homemakers do not choose it. It simply cannot withstand frequent washing, loses color, and quickly becomes thinner.

If you choose silk bedding, choose Japanese silk as it is of the highest quality. Bed linen was traditionally considered very luxurious and romantic and, at the exact times, the most expensive. But if you want, it’s better to refuse to buy it to let you sleep on high-quality linen.


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