Eyelash extensions: tips and features

Eyelash extensions; what are the advantages? Find out what eyelash lamination is, the pros and cons of this procedure, and how to perform it in the salon and at home. Every woman strives to look beautiful. But in the morning, when we wake up, we need time to prepare. Unfortunately, we can’t wake up and look like we’re on the catwalk right away (like in most Hollywood movies). But it will be more accurate if you decide to fix your eyelashes. By the way, this method is very different from the usual structure of the latter.

What are eyelash extensions?

It is a method that nourishes and prolongs the beneficial components and minerals. Lashes look long, natural, and very beautiful when layered. Many girls prefer this procedure in the summer because it is in hot time that you want to have minimal cosmetics on your face but at the same time look one hundred percent. After this procedure, the eyelashes continue to grow and strengthen. The good news is that they do not bend during sleep, unlike eyelashes during extension.

Advantages of layering

  • The eyelashes take on a new shape and acquire a beautiful curve, even if you didn’t have them before.
  • A natural shine appears.
  • The growth of the eyelashes is significantly accelerated due to the activation of the bulb.
  • The strength of the eyelashes increases, and they become thicker.
  • The structure of the eyelashes regains its former strength, which was lost due to cosmetics.
  • The skin around the eyes is nourished with valuable ingredients.
  • By layering, the look takes on a new look, and the effect of eyelash extensions is created.

When should eyelash lamination not be done?

Of course, like any other method, lamination has several contraindications:

  • Contraindication if you have had eye surgery. First, we care about beauty and health in general, so time must pass after the operation.
  • Pregnancy. Every mom-to-be wants to look good, but don’t forget that you are giving birth to a new life. Therefore, it is better not to tempt fate and wait.
  • Individual intolerance to any ingredient in the mixture. Be sure to ask your esthetician what you must apply to your lashes. In the case of an allergy, itching, redness, or tearing may occur.
  • It is not recommended to perform the procedure during or after eye diseases (for example, barley).

Lash lamination method in the salon

If you decide to surprise everyone around you with your gaze, let’s figure out what awaits you during the operation. Experts say that the procedure does not leave an unpleasant feeling. But many girls with paralyzed eyelashes talk about a burning sensation during the process or tearing.

The curl of the eyelashes is given by the roller on which the procedure is performed. The eyelashes are placed on top, applying a unique mixture. Don’t bend your eyelashes too much; everything should be in moderation. Lamination is carried out in five stages in one and a half hours, where the mixture is applied to you 5 times (there are mini procedures in 2-3 sets, the master can do it in 30-35 minutes, but you should not expect good results ). Sometimes the process takes less time. Generally, it depends on the specific specialist. After layering, you can not wash your face throughout the day. Then you can forget what mascara is for 1, 5-2 months.

Features worth knowing about eyelash extensions

  • In the composition of the mixture for laying eyelashes, pay attention to the naturalness of the components. In no case should you skimp on it?
  • An important feature is the natural shape of the eyelashes. If they are very short and rare, then, of course, the influence of a Hollywood star will not work. But the appearance will be much more expressive.
  • Pay particular attention to the choice of specialist who will perform the procedure. If the master is inexperienced, he can damage the eyelashes. For example, bend firmly, after which the eyelashes will look like the legs of a beetle. Not a very pleasant sight, but some such girls were simply unlucky with a beautician.
  • If you have eyelash extensions, forget about lamination.
  • Do not layer more than twice a year.

Eyelash lamination at home

You must be glad you can perform this procedure at home without paying too much for beauty salons. But to learn, you need to take a course from a master’s. In fact, at the slightest flaw, you will have no one to blame but yourself. 

Follow these steps for home lamination:

  • We clean the face and remove make-up from it (it is advisable to use a fat-free tonic).
  • After that, we apply an eye cream with a protective effect.
  • If it is a roller, we put the eyelashes on it (in principle, you can use anything else that helps to acquire the desired bend).
  • Next, we strengthen the eyelashes using a specially formulated solution.
  • In the end, we apply a mixture of keratin to each eyelash.

The duration of the event will be one hour. Remember not to use mascara or wash your face during the day.

Many girls fell in love with layered eyelashes, as the structure does not deteriorate and the effect is close to the extension method. So you can continue to amaze others with your natural beauty.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions reviews


I did the operation a few weeks ago in Moscow, at home. I was delighted with the quality of the procedure and the treatment. The effect is breathtaking; the eyelashes become denser and curl as if they were perfectly colored!


I read many reviews about this method. I am a master of laying eyelashes in Krasnodar; I have a certificate. But first, I tried this method on myself before doing it. The process is new, and a lot depends on the master. If the master is trained well, he will understand everything correctly; he will do it efficiently. It is BUT, not without. For those with allergies or increased sensitivity to the skin and eyes, it is better not to do this procedure, especially for building and curling. It is not known what the reaction will be. Anyone with eye disease is also advised to treat first and then do it. Someone is hiding from it, and then it is the master’s fault why the eyes are swollen and red. It is also unknown how the composition will work with hair coloring during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The bending can be strong, or she can’t lie down. I repaired my sister; she is breastfeeding, and she is fine. In general, I like the procedure itself.

You can’t dye your eyelashes, but when the eyelashes are regenerated, they grow as usual. You can already dye them to look the same. Someone thinks this method can replace the extension, but it is not so !!! Those used to eyelash extensions that cannot be seen underneath will not understand this procedure. This method is for those who love nature. The composition is not aggressive, but on the contrary, it strengthens the eyelashes and has a cumulative effect. Someone said about the smell of the design, they have one that they have, this one that gives the eyelashes a curl, and then it does not smell like they say. Still, everything is individual, even the smell. That’s why I advise you to listen to yourself! Good luck to you all!


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