Curl: What to do to prevent wig?

Curl; why does hair start? If you know what measures to take, you can eliminate such an unpleasant problem as fluffy hair and get beautiful and healthy curls. Girls with curly hair use a variety of measures to tame unruly strands at least a little. To get perfectly smooth and shiny rings, you must first determine the exact reason that caused this phenomenon. And only after that choose ways and means to eliminate these troubles.

Why does hair start to curl?

The most crucial reason why hair starts to curl is genetics or physiology. In this case, dealing with fluffy and curly hair will be tough. Of course, you can regularly straighten your hair, but soon it will curl again. This hair structure can be perceived as a trait and a gift from nature. You can also choose a beautiful and exciting hairstyle for wavy strands and make curls the highlight of your image.

Another reason for significantly damaged hair can be a severe lack of moisture in the structure of the strands. As a rule, this effect appears in the hot season, when you often have to go without headgear in the open sun. Violations of the drinking regime and lack of vitamins hurt the condition and beauty of the hair.

If the hair is often exposed to hot air (for example, during drying), it quickly starts to freeze. To get rid of such a problem, you must regularly use unique nutritional masks and do not forget to take vitamin complexes.

Using an iron too often to straighten the hair and constantly coloring the strands can also lead to curls starting to curl. As a result, the hair becomes dry, very thin, brittle, and unruly. To maintain the hair’s beauty and health, it is necessary to style and color the strands and not forget the need for regular nutrition of curls with valuable substances.

Many people face a problem when their hair starts to curl after washing. In this case, you should refuse to use a hair dryer. Otherwise, you can only worsen the situation. Brushing wet hair with a wooden brush is recommended, and let it dry naturally at room temperature. Do not rub your hair too much with a towel, as this method can damage it, but it does not affect the drying speed.

The hair is curly: what to do?

First, stop using hair dryers and flat irons to straighten your hair. If you need to dry your hair quickly, it is best to use the cold air so that the hair is almost not damaged. In this case, it is recommended to direct the air stream precisely to the hair roots and not try to dry the strands along the length.

It is necessary to give up ready-made clothing; combing the hair only with a wooden brush is best. The fact is that synthetics can produce electrical disturbances, which in turn cause increased hair loss. If the hair becomes very electric during combing, it is recommended to spray the comb with water.

Antistatic hairspray can be used as an emergency treatment. This tool is widely available today, and you can buy it in almost any cosmetic store. The spray helps tame unruly hair and makes styling much easier without rinsing. However, it should note that it is not recommended to apply residual products to the scalp, so you need to step about 5 cm from the hair roots.

Should give particular attention to shampoo as it must be suitable for a specific type of hair and skin. If your hair begins to curl, you should refuse to use shampoos to add more volume, as such products make the strands unruly and dry. You use conditioner or masks after each shampoo is recommended, making the hair softer and more accessible to style.

It is an integrated approach that is important. To eliminate the problem of excessive hair loss, you need to take unique vitamin complexes several times a year to improve the condition of the strands. Reviewing your diet and adding as many fresh fruits and vegetables, lean fish, and meat and dairy products to the menu are essential. We must not forget that the correct drinking system is followed. Smoking hurts the condition of the hair, so it is worth giving up this bad habit.

Products for crunchy care

Regular use of properly selected cosmetics helps eliminate the problem of excessive hair.

The hair lubricates

If your hair starts to curl after shampooing and becomes unruly, you should regularly use a unique balm. You need to choose an ointment based on the type of hair. This product gently cares for the hair and creates the thinnest protective film on its surface.

Scents are nourishing and straightforward; they contain some special additives. For example, there are antistatic agents in the conditioner, so it is recommended to use these funds when the hair is very static. Many girls face this problem when they need to wear a hat during the cold season.

The conditioner contains unique ingredients that have a moisturizing effect on the hair and remove shampoo residue. It is advisable to choose the same type of shampoo and balm, thanks to the fact that these funds enhance the effectiveness of each other and have more benefits for the hair. Sometimes shampoos and conditioners from different manufacturers conflict with each other.

When choosing a balm, you must consider a specific hairstyle and existing problems – for example, colored, severely split, or damaged curls. Apply most ointments to damp hair immediately after washing and, after a few minutes, rinse off with plenty of water. Applying lotion to the hair and retreating 2-3 cm from the roots is necessary.

curl hair
curl hair

Foam, gel, serums, and hairspray

Today there is just a vast number of various cosmetics that help get rid of the problem of curly hair. Most importantly, you must choose the right product that will be ideal for a particular case.

If you have managed to find a shampoo that suits your hair, it is best to choose the rest of the care products from this company. For curly and fine hair, it is best to choose light products that make the strands smooth and silky.

It is recommended to use wax and give up gel and varnish during styling. The varnish dries the strands very much, and the wax makes the hair heavier and creates a thin protective film on its surface.

Salon procedures

If your hair is very curly and frizzy, you can straighten it yourself with an iron. But you can also use unique beauty treatments to make your hair smooth.

Professionals often use products to weigh down the hair, so it stops curling. For example, one of the most popular methods today is hair lamination. Discuss the procedure’s pros and cons directly with the captain performing it.

Today, salons offer several options for hair lamination. But in any case, after this procedure, the strands look perfect – they become obedient, and a beautiful shiny shine and smoothness appear. One of the main disadvantages of hair lamination is the relatively high cost of the procedure, so not everyone can afford it.

After layering, you can get rid of the broken hair problem for about 1-1.5 months, and then it needs to be repeated. It is an entirely harmless method for hair, providing strands with reliable protection against dry air and ultraviolet rays.

However, it must be treated before layering if the hair is dehydrated and seriously damaged.

Folk remedies for frozen hair

To keep your hair always healthy, shiny, and perfectly smooth, you can use the methods and techniques of traditional medicine. If you use them regularly, the result will be no worse than after visiting an expensive beauty salon.

Hair rinse

Such a rinse aid is quick to make yourself at home using only natural ingredients. Of course, the hair will not be completely smooth after the first use, but the positive result will not take long, thanks to systematic use.

  • Rinse with lemon – water and lemon juice are taken in equal amounts. After washing, the mixture is applied to damp hair and spread evenly over the entire length. You do not need to rinse off the product; the hair should dry naturally without using a hair dryer.
  • Chamomile rinse – takes dry chamomile flowers (2 tsp.) and pour boiling water (1 tbsp.). The container is covered with a lid, and the broth is left to stand for 15 minutes. The infusion is filtered and used to rinse blonde hair. Using this recipe, you can prepare a remedy based on hops or wort.
  • Oak bark conditioner is recommended for dark hair. This product strengthens the hair, restoring its natural shine and well-groomed appearance.

Castor or burdock oil mask

  • This mask is recommended for dehydrated and fine hair.
  • Castor and burdock oil have been used for many years as a strengthening and regenerating agent for weak and damaged hair.
  • It is recommended to use this mask regularly if your hair breaks or you have curls.
  • First, the oil is slightly warmed up in a sauna and is applied well to the hair.
  • You need to isolate the hair to increase the effect of the mask.
  • After 2 hours, the remaining oil is washed off with warm water and shampoo.

Honey mask

  • Regular use of this mask will allow you to achieve excellent results.
  • Making a honey mask at night is recommended. Still, if sleeping is uncomfortable, you should keep the remedy on the hair during the day.
  • The honey is heated slightly in a sauna and then applied to the strands.
  • After a few hours, wash your hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.
  • After the first use, the hair will be shiny and silky.

Bread mask

  • This mask is used to add weight to the hair. After using it a few times, the hair will be well-groomed and shiny.
  • It would help if you took a crumb of rye bread (200 g). The bread is poured with warm water and left to wait until it is soaked.
  • The water is squeezed out, and the crushed breadcrumbs are mixed with the egg yolk.
  • Olive oil (1 teaspoon) is added to the composition, and the mask is applied to the hair, evenly distributed along the entire length.
  • The head is isolated with a towel, and the mask is left on for half an hour.
  • After the specified time, you must wash your hair with warm water and shampoo.

Regardless of what will use, mask or rinse for the beauty and health of the hair, maintaining it in perfect condition should be done systematically, at least once a week.

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