Makeup: How beautiful to wear makeup?

Makeup; how do you highlight yourself at a party? The ability to highlight subtle features and direct the arrows in front of the eyes guarantees respect for colleagues, attention of men, and envy of girlfriends. Proper makeup at home depends on the sequence of actions and the technique of applying cosmetics.

Makeup is shaping and adjusting the shape of the face with decorative cosmetics to highlight attractive features and hide imperfections. The art of beautiful makeup is the ability to use cosmetics. First, you need to determine the shape of your face: round or oval, triangular or square.

Makeup types

Makeup is divided into several types, each determined “on occasion.” Distinctive features: saturation of the shadows, smooth transitions and shading, the use of the contour, the density of the eyelashes, and the use of blush. The process should start by preparing the face to apply the foundation and makeup. To do this, it is enough to clean the skin with a makeup remover.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup is daytime makeup. It is necessary to avoid sharp contrasting shades, mainly with natural shades: bronze, cream, and coffee, gray. If there is eyeliner in the makeup, the contour line should be moderately thick and neat with a thin tip.

How to use natural makeup the right way:

  • Prepare your face and apply a foundation.
  • Remove blue circles under the eyes with a concealer.
  • Set the tone with powder or foundation. Remember that the color must match the skin.
  • Apply eye shadow to the lids or outline the contour with eyeliner (pencil). If you prefer to use shadows in many colors, then avoid shadows. Gently blend eye shadow without trying to define the lines – this is already out of the norm for daytime makeup.
  • Use mascara.
  • Emphasize the brow line with matte shadows of the appropriate shade, if needed.

In natural makeup, it is not necessary to use shadows. It is enough to balance the tone of the face and highlight the eyes by doing the eyelashes.

Makeup at night

I can do evening makeup at home as well as a makeup artist. It is necessary to emphasize the eyes as much as possible.

 You will need:

  • A small palette of eye shadows from pearl white to brown-black or gray;
  • Black pencil, eyeliner;
  • Concealer;
  • Foundation and powder;
  • Redness;
  • Eyebrow shadow or pencil;
  • Lipstick or gloss.
  • Mascara (you can also use false eyelashes or glue on bundles).

How to do evening makeup correctly:

  • Prepare the skin and apply concealer under the eyes.
  • Conceal minor blemishes (pimples and redness) with face correction.
  • Use foundation, then powder.
  • Apply on the oval face, near the hairline, with darker powder color.
  • The corners of the nose and eyes should be “painted” with foundation powder alternating with milky shadows.
  • Apply the blush on the broadest part of the cheekbones, stretch in the desired direction, and form the correct oval face.
  • Define your lids with dark and light eye shadows. It can be a method of applying shadows in Smokey ice cream, banana, fan, and refinement style.

If you have narrow eyes, try using the banana technique:

  • First, using a makeup base, lift the brow with lighter shadows and outline the contour.
  • Build on the eyelid a kind of frame of dark shadows, starting from the top of the eyelid.
  • Mix thoroughly with a brush. Then draw a crease between the upper space and the movable eyelid according to the shape of the eyes.
  • Connect the top and bottom lines and fill the space with a lighter shade.

A universal technique for evening makeup is the Smokey eye style, a Smokey veil with drag. Makeup saturation should be determined by skin tone. Since the focus is on the eyes, avoid lipstick or lipstick in bold shades; opt for a neutral color.

After preparing your face for makeup:

  1. Draw the eyelash area with a black pencil and blend the line.
  2. Draw a shadow on a thick brush and outline the upper eyelid.
  3. Use clapping motions to ‘drive in the shadows and carefully fill the entire space.
  4. Do the shading and bring shade to the lower lid.
  5. Draw the slime part with a pencil.
  6. Tint your lashes to maximum volume.

Bright makeup

Spring and summer are equally involved in carelessness. It’s time to experiment and do bright makeup every day.

A few basic rules from professional makeup artists will help you create a unique look:

  • Avoid heavy powder and foundation. A translucent tone is perfect as a foundation, which will naturally fall on the skin. Bright sunglasses will look stylish if the naturalness of the skin and the illusion of the absence of other makeup prevail. Throw away the rules of color combinations and let your mood guide you.
  • Outline the eyes with colored arrows or a thick pencil drawing. Do not be afraid of an uneven line – it can be shaded or corrected with a cotton swab.
  • Use saturated colors for brown eyes: blue, purple, green. For blue and gray eyes, avoiding undefined shades (dusty, mint) is better. It is recommended to apply the richest color along the upper and lower lashes and shade the lighter ones with a fluffy brush from the inner corner to the outer corner. Apply eye shadow with a damp brush or texture for rich color.

Eye makeup

Should pay particular attention to eye makeup. The result determines the choice of technique. For example, using shadows, you can correct and like the shape of the eyes and make them “glow.” The most important thing is to change the position of the eyes.

How to paint the eyes correctly.

It would help if you started by highlighting the area under the eyebrows. It will visually awaken the eye. Apply white or other lightest shadow under the eyebrow and blend slightly. This procedure is not suitable for women who have excess skin on their eyelids.

Light the area above the pupil if you have narrow, minor, or deep-set eyes. It will look like a unique charm. To do this, apply the glitter over your regular eye shadow in the center. However, this technique should not resemble a stain – the gloss must be carefully shaded.

If you have wide-set eyes, you can visually bring them closer together. Apply eyebrow shadow with the applicator and make small vertical movements towards the inner corner of the eye. For this, it is better to use not a light shade of shade but a darker one.

How beautiful to wear eye shadow

It is necessary to use a foundation since you can only do eye makeup beautifully on a prepared eyelid. It is better to take a light tone as the primary color. With a brush with a beveled edge, outline to shape the distribution of shadows.

Use a soft brush to draw in the shadows and gently fill in the lid from the inner corner of the eyes. Stretch a little and enter another color – darker. Blend well and lower the saturation towards the center.

You can also apply a uniform tone to the lid area and outline the upper movable crease with an inverted arrow. However, such makeup is considered evening or festive and does not apply to everyday life.

 How beautiful to wear makeup
How beautiful to wear makeup

How to learn to paint eyes with shadows

It is enough to buy a palette of classic shades and a special brush. It would help if you had tools for smooth shading of shadows, contours, shaping eyebrows, and creating angles. In the arsenal of the cosmetic bag, you must have a classic black pencil.

Be sure to use a primer under your eye shadow for long-lasting makeup. Using pearlescent shade to change colors is not recommended. It is more convenient to do evening and bright makeup with a sponge and day makeup with a brush.

In the beginning, decorate the eyelid with matte shadows. Draw an arrow or shape the angle with a screw brush. Fill the lid with a color that matches your eye color.

How to apply eyeliner beautifully.

Eyeliner is used to shape the eyes in the final stage of makeup before mascara is applied. One awkward movement of a shaky hand can throw the whole process down. It is essential to draw a straight, precise line. To do this, remove the outer corner of the eye with your hand and slowly draw a line from the center of the eyelid. This area has the highest density of eyelashes. If necessary, the line can be continued or gradually reduced to nothing. It is helpful if you have an eyeliner brush with a soft, fluffy edge.

Eye makeup techniques

The makeup technique assumes consistency, which determines the quality of the final result.

 We respond step by step:

  • Prepare lids and under-eye area with foundation and concealer.
  • Shade the eyes by highlighting the area under the eyebrows.
  • Use a primary matte eye shadow color.
  • Contours or angles, if the style of the makeup intended.
  • The saturation of the base shadow color.
  • Create contrast with the other shadow color.
  • Feather it.
  • Move the lower eyelid.
  • Draw an arrow if necessary.
  • Color the eyelashes.

Eyelid makeup

You can do makeup without using eye shadow. The main task is to make expressive eyes. Be sure to even out the tone of your eyelids; this will smooth out imperfections and make your makeup last all day. Applying beige eye shadow on top of the foundation is recommended, which can only be added to contour and mascara.


High-quality makeup depends on a sequence of actions and careful practice at each step. The makeup style must match the individual facial features: oval, forehead, eye position and depth, eyelid width, cheekbones, chin shape, and fullness of the lips. Portrait eyes need to be visually closer, narrow a broad forehead, emphasize cheekbones to give fullness to the lips, and draw eyebrow lines. Should shade the correct oval face with dark powder color.

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