Kefir: Is kefir a drink or yogurt?

Kefir; is it a drink or yogurt? What is this infamous drink, and how is it made? The caloric content of kefir depends on the fat content, composition, and valuable properties. Can fermented dairy products be harmful? Recipes and interesting facts.

Interesting facts about kefir

The historical homeland of the drink is believed to be north of the Caucasus. In the old days, the sourdough was called “Magomed’s seed” or “prophet’s millet.” According to legend, the prophet Mohamed (Mohamed) handed over these precious kefir mushrooms to the mountaineers. It forbade them to take them to the pagans under threat of death. Find the first official mention in the report of the Caucasian Medical Association from 1867.

The secret of making a drink called the Caucasus was passed down in the family and revealed to daughters who got married. Each family had its recipe.

At that time, a wine barrel with leaven was taken out on the road so travelers passing by the village would kick the container. It accelerated the fermentation process, and it is believed that each person added positive energy.

It is unknown exactly where I learned the secret to making kefir in America.

There are prerequisites:

  • The leaven was stolen during the war in Chechnya;
  • The beautiful Irina gained the credibility of the famous kefir producer Prince Bek-Mirza Baycharov and stole kefir mushrooms from him;
  • The material was delivered as compensation for the crime of some white horse rider;
  • Nutritionists asked a manufacturer of kefir mushrooms in the Caucasus to start a business in America.

But the fact that the first drink consumers were patients at Hospital is known with certainty. The drink quickly regained strength and accelerated recovery.

For the favorable properties of kefir to be preserved, should store it at up to 0 ° C. After freezing, the healing substances are destroyed.

When buying, you should pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. If there are dents on the cardboard box, wrinkled corners, or torn caps on glass bottles, it is better to refuse to buy. Before use, rinse the cardboard box or plastic bag with running water.



You cannot buy a drink with an expiration date! Maximum shelf life is specified on kefir. The expired product poses a hazard to the body.

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