The Fitness Challenge With Pillow Mag Editor Angharad Llewellyn: Week 5

AFTER my two personal training sessions last week, I should be rocking the best pins this side of the Thames.

Weighed down on each side of my body by two 5kg weights, I was tasked by Jennifer Mbazira at Fitness First in St Paul’s with doing lunges up and down the gym – 12 towards the changing rooms and 12 back to the weights room.

It’s surprisingly difficult and left me out of breath and feeling almost dizzy from exertion. But I feel I’m performing the exercise with better posture and bending down into the lunge much more effectively that I have ever before.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I had a session with Jennifer (due to my schedule) and she’s increased the difficulty level to make sure that I’m pushing myself fully.

During our first session of the week, we also work on my core strength, doing reverse sit-ups using a heavy disc clasped to my chest, the mountain climber and chest presses.

Again, I’m finding everything that she has given me to do really, really tough but I feel I’m performing each exercise more effectively.

Then it’s back to the lunges and the breathlessness that tells me I’m working hard!!


My diet has improved in leaps and bounds too. I have ditched skinny cappuccinos in favour of double espressos or Americanos and added lots of healthy broccoli and green vegetables into my eating plan. I even went to the pub and drank diet cokes and turn down pizza!! My friends can’t believe the change. But I’m seeing results and feeling fantastic.

I’m training for a 10km run around London Zoo on September 15th which is rapidly approaching.

In my second session of the week it’s time for more leg work – Jennifer said she wants to strengthen them up for the race.

We do a highly coordinated movement that Jennifer has made up on the spot which involves holding 5kg weight in each hand and doings two lunges while pushing them up and then up in the air.

I appreciate the fact that she is mixing up the sessions to keep them interesting and giving me even more moves to copy at home.

I make the mistake of getting on with a second round of the high-intensity exercise when Jennifer has kindly given me a quick rest. I regretted that idea soon enough when sweat is pouring down my body.

The next day I ache everywhere between my ankles and neck… But when I weigh myself, I see that I have lost another three kilos. Result!

All the hard work and ditching the cappuccinos seems worthwhile and I’m determined to keep working hard.

To contact Jennifer to book personal training sessions, call her on 07770 696 426.

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