Bathtime bliss for little kids

If you want a bathtime wash that is kind to children’s skin, and smells delightful, I’d definitely point you in the direction of Johnson’s Cotton Touch 2-in-1 bath & wash.

I was slightly skeptical when I was sent this press sample, mainly because I’ve tried lots of the High Street options for children, and they are all much of a muchness.

However, I loved the scent of this bubble bath which also cleans children’s hair and skin. It smells of wonderful clean cotton and has a lovely sweet aroma that envelopes the children when you use it as a bubble bath, and to cleanse them as part of your bedtime routine.

My youngest (18 months) also has sensitive skin, and suffered with red raw skin for a few weeks when he was a baby, but in my experience, this this bath wash didn’t irritate his skin which was a relief.

It’s a very reasonable £2.50 (on offer from £3.75) which is useful when you’re on a family-sized budget.

Buy Johnson’s Cotton Touch 2-in-1 Bath & Wash for £2.50, here

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