High heels are more comfortable?

High heels and shoes do not love a woman?

Although it can be painful and painful to wear them all evening, you let yourself have them. It’s just worth it.

We can only stand 34 minutes in high heels.

It has been shown that women who wear heels can wear them for 34 minutes before they start to feel uncomfortable. That’s no more.

Yet one man danced on the heels of the hours together here for a time. What harshness!

Fortunately, today there is good advice and many products that help us feel better when we are in high heels.

Here are 10 ways to make high heels more comfortable

Lower them slightly

If you fall for a specific shovel (it happens) and are in sky-high heels, know that they will not go very well with their feet. Do not worry. Shoemakers can lower their heels to fit you better and are more comfortable. However, this depends on the type of shoe.

Focus on the walk

Wearing high heels is a kind of science. Jogging in sneakers is not the same as wearing heels one evening. It would help if you focused on the whole body position. Do abdominal exercises and practice walking to last longer in your shoes.

 Could you make them?

Before you go out in new shoes, walk inside. Put on thick socks and walk around your home as needed. It softens the boots, and you will feel better in them when you go out. If you fail, they will hurt you.

 Choose shoes that fit your feet.

It may sound silly, but low-heeled shoes may not be for you if you have wide feet. And if you have a flat foot, high heels are something you should take off the table and get yourself shoes with shallow heels.

 Use artificial skin.

The prosthesis (the good patch) is not only helpful in shaping the shoes but also prevents friction and blistering. If you already have blisters, you can put them over them and other sensitive areas to avoid further pain.

High heels
High heels

Wide heels are more comfortable.

Heels can be really cool. But when it all comes down to it, shoes with wide heels are more comfortable. Choose them further if you can.

 Bring balloon cream with you wherever you go.

If you do not want to put artificial skin or patch on the balloons, you can use a special balloon cream to apply them. Carry it to the most sensitive areas before you go out, and keep it in your bag for safety in an emergency while you are out and about.

 Put insoles in the shoes.

Putting a whole insert in the shoes is a good idea if the shoes are only spacious. But if you only want to soften under sensitive areas, gel pads are recommended that can be glued to the shoes where it suits you best. It works wonders.

Put the safety on the tip.

Nothing will change if you feel that the shoes are very loose on you, so they hardly move on your feet. They will never be more comfortable. It is a common problem in women with fine legs. It is therefore recommended that they choose shoes with an ankle strap so that they fit better.

 Use “Heel liners” or plaster.

When the heel is constantly coming out of the shoe, you can get “Heel liners,” which are special glue placed in the shoe to prevent the heels from continually coming off. It is a great genius and is mainly for shoes that do not have ankle straps.

These tips are from https://www.fashionablecollections.com/

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