Facial features

Facial features are not all women get the same haircut and the same payment. There are several things to keep in mind when cutting your hair, one of which is the person’s facial features.

For example, it depends a lot on the facial features, which side of the hair suits each one – and whether or how to pick up the hair.

Here are the typical six types of facial features and what suits each.

What is best for your face?

Round face

This facial feature is best worn with medium-length hair and a side that falls under the chin, such as the classic “bob” and the later version of “bob”. Long hair also looks good, and it is nice to have statues in your hair.

If you want to pick up your hair, the payment that suits a round face is best for the good older man.

Oval face

Women with this facial feature can play with different styles and hairstyles. But long hair still suits this complexion best.

Buns and braids are best suited for this face when the hair is picked up and combed.

Square face

Here, medium-length hair should be avoided as it does nothing but make a face look more comprehensive than it is. This facial feature is best worn with very long hair or very short.

The most suitable payment is typed and straightened.

Heart-shaped facial features

Women with this facial feature wear best to have long hair. And should avoid short hair as it makes the upper part of the face appear more expansive.

Ideal payments for this facial feature are curls and joints

Triangular face

This facial feature is more comprehensive at the top than at the bottom, and short hair suits it well. Statues in a page of hair are also suitable, and then it is good to have a side top; Rachel’s haircut from the Friends episodes comes out well, for example. If you prefer second hair, it is a good idea to aim for the hair to reach below the jaw line.

If the hair is tucked in, allow some of the hair to fall loose along the face to soften the jaw line.

Facial features
Facial features

Long face

The best haircut for this facial feature is hair that is cut to the shoulder side. The goal for women with long faces should be to get thick hair so that the hair works harder. An excellent way to do this is with joints and curls.

Cutting a top is also an excellent way to make the face work shorter, so it does not matter if it is a cross top or a side top. “Bob-inn” is also suitable for this face, especially its later version. But should avoid long and straight hair.

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