Jewelry Making: How to Learn Jewelry Making

The jewelry industry is complex and requires impeccable knowledge of jewelry making techniques and refined artistic taste and talent. Those who want to build a jewelry making career can receive special training at the relevant educational institutions.

It is necessary

. Certificate of upper secondary education;

. Certificate of passing the exam

Instructions for jewelry making

Step 1

Find out where the nearest gold smith school is. One of this kind’s most famous educational institutions is the Of American Jewelry Design and Manufacturing School of Artistic Metal Processing, located in the Harrisonburg area.

Step 2

Get your basic training in drawing. It can help with studies in children’s art schools or private lessons from teachers and artists. Preparatory courses in selected schools can also be helpful for you. They are short-lived – for 2 weeks and long-term – for 9 months. Education for them is paid, but it is also a plus – applicants from other cities who have already completed their studies can get a place in a hostel.

Step 3

Prepare the necessary documents for entry. After 11th grade, you must present your USA results in America and literature if you go to school. Also attach the documents medical certificates, passport photographs, general education certificates or upper secondary education certificates, and 3-4 samples of paintings.

Step 4

If your candidacy is accepted, take an entrance exam. These include artistic disciplines such as drawing, painting and composition. Graduates in the 9th grade also take exams in English language and literature.

Step 5

If you get a positive grade in the exam but lack points, sign up for training on a contract basis.

Jewelry Making
Jewelry Making

Step 6

If you already have an art education, take an accelerated jewelry education. Usually, it is also organized on a school basis. Such training only takes place on a commercial basis and lasts one year.

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