Wear Perfume: How to wear Perfume the right way

Wear Perfume; how to right way? Who are the spirits? General rules for applying and the best places for this. Characteristics of using different types of perfumes: solid, oil, alcohol. Using Perfume is a technique that every perfume owner should master. Properly used aromas can not only fully reveal the composition but also give confidence, create curiosity and attract the attention of the opposite sex. On the other hand, not following the rules of fragrance use can make even the most expensive and sophisticated perfumes repulsive.

The main types of Perfume

The modern world of perfumery continues to improve and expand the boundaries of fragrance. The imagination of perfume companies is not exhausted so that every woman can find her ideal version of the “second skin.” With such a riot of the fragrant kingdom, there are not so many types of perfumes.

Let’s list the main types of Perfume:

  • A reliable perfume … The ancestors of all scents come from ancient times when perfumers still did not know how to associate aromas with the use of ether or alcohol. For the basis of such perfumes, vegetable oils with solid consistency (coconut, shea, jojoba) were used (and are used) together with waxes and essential oils. They can be of different shapes and sizes, have a completely natural composition and are very convenient for transportation. These perfumes are easy to make with your own hands. On an industrial scale, solid perfumes are almost not created today. However, such a beautician as Estee Lauder still considers this product his “chip.”
  • Oil perfume … An aromatic composition based on essential oils. A natural oil perfume is created by a master by hand, exclusively for himself, based on the customer’s wishes. And you can find such a master only in the East – where this type of spirit was born. The handcrafted version has a unique fragrance and the ability to “bloom” on its owner’s body throughout the day. In addition, you can even solve some medical problems, for example, allergies, with the right combination. And in combination with pheromones, properly selected and used oil perfumes can seriously excite the representatives of the opposite sex. Oil-based oil can also be made on your own, but it will be much more challenging to achieve good results than when it comes to creating trust.
  • Spirit perfume … The most modern type of Perfume, ethyl alcohol or its mixture with lung extract and valerian (Masculon), is used as a base. After using such a perfume, the alcohol component gradually evaporates, allowing the aromatic composition to develop. The persistence of the product depends directly on the concentration of alcohol: the less it is, the more persistent the Perfume and its distinctive aroma will be.

Alcoholic products, on the other hand, are also divided into several types.

The classification was based on the concentration of alcohol in the perfume composition:

  • Perfume (Perfume) … The most persistent fighter in the perfume army, as it contains a high concentration of perfume composition (from 15 to 22%), dissolved in a 90% alcohol solution. To make them, expensive plant and flower essences are used, and the share of essential oils can be 40% or more. It determines the long-term durability of perfumes (from 5 hours) and their high cost. Therefore, authentic Perfume is produced in “small” bottles (up to 15 ml) with an exclusive design.
  • Eau de Perfume… A lighter version of Perfume, but also more popular. In it, the percentage of fragrant composition is between 15-25%, and the rate of aromatic concentrate in alcohol is 12-13%. Based on this, the longevity of an authentic Eau de perfume can be up to 5 hours. That is why it is often called a “day” perfume. The amount of Eau de Parfum is small; the bottle can be without or with spray.
  • Eau de Toilette … It takes 3rd place in durability after Perfume and Eau de parfum. It is due to the lower content of fragrance concentrate (8 to 20%) in the 85% alcohol solution. Eau de Toilette is considered the ideal “office” option and is also suitable for hot summer days. Since the duration of such a perfume usually does not exceed 2-3 hours, which makes it necessary to renew it regularly during the day, fragrances are produced in large quantities – from 30 to 100 ml and in the form of sprays.
  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne) … Light version of the Perfume with deodorant from 3-5%. To create this Perfume, a less concentrated alcohol solution is used – 70-80%. Men’s cologne is usually a perfume with a light aromatic composition.
  • Refreshing (sports) water (L’Eau Fraiche, Eau de Sport) … Superlight version of Perfume with a minimum content of perfume composition (up to 3%), dissolved in 70-80% alcohol. The longevity of such a perfume is also minimal, and the fragrance itself has mainly a fresh, light note, usually citrus.

There is a conditional classification of the fragrances themselves. They are woody (sandalwood, musk, myrtle), cypress (sage, patchouli, lavender), amber, aldehyde, floral oriental (floral with amber, sandalwood, or musk), leather (juniper, birch), oriental, Fougere (geranium, lavender, oakmoss). The composition also has floral, spicy, marine, green, fruity, and citrus notes.

Important! Today, alcohol-based spirits hold their sway in popularity, which is why absolutely every perfume company produces them. For the same reason, they have a record for the number of fakes.

General application rules

How your chosen scent will “sound” to you depends on two main factors: the perfume quality and its use. Moreover, their proper use makes the fragrant cloud around you distinctive, attractive, and unique in its way.

Regardless of which Perfume you have chosen for yourself, remember the general rules for using Perfume:

  • Different groups of scents do not mix … When using several types of perfume products (for example, Perfume and cologne or lotion), choose products from one line or at least one group of scents. Ideally, perfumes should not have competitors on the body. Therefore, either do not use perfumes and lotions or use fragrance-free products. Otherwise, mixing different flavors can create a “hell” mixture.
  • Each fragrance has its time … For the scent to be pleasant not only for you but also for people around you, you need to choose the right time to use it. So, during the day, in summer, and at work, it is better to “wear” light versions of perfumes. When the cold weather begins, and during special evenings, you can choose a heavier “artillery” – a fragrance with a rich smell of trail.
  • A good smell likes clean skin … It is a washed body that can create that unique scent that will make you turn around with the perfume combination you have chosen. When changing your Perfume during the day, this should also be kept in mind – use the evening version only after a shower or bath. Mixing two scents on your skin, or even one with sweat can draw attention to you, but with a minus sign.
  • Even the super scent has its standards … The statement that all the best should be in moderation also applies to Perfume. Especially for perfumes with a strong, rich fragrance and a long shelf life. The main thing to remember: if you can’t smell your Perfume, it doesn’t mean that the people around you can’t smell it. Therefore, do not overuse the amount of “spray” of your favorite Perfume during the day.
  • Clothes aren’t the best odor guard … Most experts don’t recommend wearing Perfume anywhere other than your skin. Nevertheless, if you “sin” with the opportunity to share the smell with clothes, remember that fur, wool, linen, and cotton retain your favorite scent best. Moreover, it can last up to a year on a fur coat or fur collar. It should also be considered if you want to change your Perfume regularly. By the way, Perfume can leave not only a smell but also visible traces of light and thin materials.
  • Store your favorite scent correctly … The interaction of the Perfume with the sun and the air does not have an optimal effect on the persistence and “sound” of the aromatic composition. So keep the Perfume closed, in a box, and away from light and heat.
  • Do not rub Perfume on the skin … Mechanically honing Perfume into the skin’s surface destroys the molecules of the perfume composition. Therefore, apply the fragrance with a spray bottle or with your finger, but with a point and a gentle touch.
Wear Perfume
Wear Perfume

Where to wear Perfume

Another aspect of smelling charming is knowing where to apply Perfume. Properly used Perfume creates ideal conditions for the fragrant bouquet to develop.

So, let’s consider which magical places on our body will help our favorite scent to show its full potential:

  • Neck area behind the ears and wrists … The most famous “targets” for applying perfume formulations. In these areas, the blood vessels go as close to the skin’s surface as possible. Therefore all conditions are created here for the aroma to display all its notes (pulse, warm skin temperature).
  • Hair … The structure of the hair can absorb and retain odors just like the skin. Therefore, you can put your favorite Perfume on them. But here, you need to be careful with alcoholic perfumes, which can dry curls due to the alcohol content. Therefore, if you want to smell not only the skin but also the threads, use unique products with your favorite combination. If not, spray the Perfume on the hair and the brush before brushing or styling. Wet curls hold the scent better, especially those with an oily texture.
  • Behind the neck … This is the area where the smell will last as long as possible and gently whisper to others about himself. It will be especially effective in places with many people (especially men) – in a packed elevator, subway car or public transport, etc.
  • Elbow bend … Experts, find this area more suitable for a perfect smell than the neck or wrist. At the same time, they recommend applying Perfume, not for dryness but for skin moistened with lotion. The only thing to consider: the cream should be from the same series as the Perfume, or universal, but without fragrance.
  • Kneeling … A little-known area for the “residence” of fragrances, but very effective in terms of the perception of others. Especially people of the opposite sex. The same laws of physics work here as in the neck and wrist area. Close vessels help to “release” the smell more quickly, and rising air currents pick it up and spread it inconspicuously.
  • Navel … For many, “terra incognita” refers to the use of Perfume. At the same time, the conditions for the flowering of the perfume composition are no less favorable here than in the other mentioned areas of the body. In addition, a note about taste and intimacy is added to this. By the way, this is precisely how Steven Tyler, the leader of the Aerosmith group, who loves and gets women’s attention, uses it.

Interestingly, today you can preserve the fragrance on yourself, even with the help of jewelry. For example, the Kilian brand produces a whole series of earrings, pendants, and pendants in which a ceramic ball is placed. He, sprinkled with your favorite Perfume, will be responsible for the fragrance that comes from you.

Characteristics of using Perfume

The art of how to apply Perfume correctly has its nuances. First, it depends on the Perfume used. Therefore, in addition to the rules already described, we recommend considering the following.

How to wear perfume of alcohol

The popularity of alcohol-based perfumes and information about their use should exclude most “holes” from their owners. At the same time, not all lovers of this Perfume use it correctly.

Consider how to use alcoholic Perfume:

  • When buying alcoholic Perfume, be aware of the possibility of counterfeiting. And the point here is not only in the composition’s originality and the aroma’s persistence. Using substandard Perfume with unknown ingredients can adversely affect your health (from headaches to severe skin reactions).
  • Do not forget the rule of a clean body, including if you decide to use a different perfume during the day.
  • Do not use strong fragrances in spring, hot summer, indoors, and work. Under such conditions, they become even more tangible and persistent. Even if you find the smell tolerable, not everyone around you may share your opinion. Store it on colder winter days or cooler evenings.
  • Do not confuse smells with each other. If you like to change perfume decorations often, make it a rule not to put them on your clothes. It will reduce the risk of odors “building up” as some materials can retain them for a long time, even after washing.

How to wear perfume oil

The composition and consistency of the oil-based Perfume make it unique not only in terms of fragrance but also in terms of application.

These features are expressed in the following:

  • Bold Perfume is only applied to clean skin, not to clothing. This selectivity is due to the oily composition of the Perfume, which will leave a stain on the fabric.
  • The peculiarity of the fragrance oil is that it simply does not accept other smells. Therefore, use soaps and gels that are unscented or have a weak neutral scent for bathing. The same goes for skin care products – creams, lotions, serums.
  • Oily Perfume can be applied to all the above body areas, except the area behind the ears. Here, the skin is rich in sebaceous glands, contact with which can significantly change the scent of the Perfume for the worse.
  • Authentic oil-based oils do not have a spray but are applied to the skin with a unique dispenser or finger.
  • With your favorite Perfume, you can scent your shampoo or body lotion by adding a few drops.
  • Bold perfumes cannot tolerate foreign odors – sweat, other perfumes, cosmetics, medicines, or tobacco smoke. Essential oils interact very quickly with other substances and smell. Therefore the alliance with the above components during production can give a far from the pleasant result for the sense of smell. Don’t forget that this also happens when you drink alcohol, but some of it is excreted from the body and through the sweat glands.

How to wear Perfume of solid

Solid perfumes can vary in consistency from creamy to as hard as a candle. Therefore, their storage is not limited to the factory bottle. It can be a personalized jar or jewelry (ring, pendant, medal), exclusive jewelry box, or pencil perfume.

The specificity of such a perfume does not end there. Therefore there are also nuances in use here:

  • The application points of the solid Perfume are bleeding areas already mentioned above. Applying them to the hair is not recommended (and it is not comfortable).
  • The dry perfume dose must be chosen carefully, as in most cases, it has distinct oriental compositions, especially if his home country is India or the United Arab Emirates.
  • You can wear Perfume differently depending on where it is stored and its consistency. Glues such as finger pads and solids can be “machined” with a cotton swab or a toothpick (and from them – on the finger).
  • When you apply Perfume as a pencil or stick, you can avoid sharing with your finger and immediately massage gently on clean skin. Should do it in a circular massaging motion.

Interestingly, you can “share” your favorite scent of solid Perfume with the laundry by placing a box of Perfume in a cupboard or on a shelf. Similarly, you can fill a room or car interior with it.


The proper wear perfume is in many ways similar to the right clothes and make-up – even in an expensive perfume, you can “look” bad or be rude. So follow the measure, follow the above rules – and your smell will be a faithful ally in everything.

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