Facial cleansing: types, tips, techniques

Facial cleansing; what is? Main variations. Indications and contraindications for the procedure. How is facial cleansing done in the salon? Real reviews.

Facial cleansing removes keratinized epidermal particles, excess oil, and mud build-up from the surface of the skin and its upper layers. Regularly using this proper method can significantly improve your appearance, make your face radiant and fresh, and in the long run, preserve your beauty and youth for longer.

What is facial cleansing?

Facial cleansing is a cosmetic product that aims to solve and prevent existing skin problems. As a result, it will be possible to unclog pores, reduce oily sheen, reduce the number of blackheads, make acne less noticeable and bring a pleasant shade to the face. It is carried out either manually or with special equipment.

Most women do a superficial skin cleansing on their own, every night removing traces of make-up, dust, and grease with milk or lotion. Deep cleansing of the face requires special equipment and techniques, and the frequency of its execution is determined individually based on the condition and characteristics of the skin. One woman needs to resort to this method every 3-5 weeks, and another-2-3 times a year is enough.

Types of facial cleansing:

  • Mechanical or manual … The beautician performs all operations by hand or with the most straightforward tools – needles, loops, and Uno spoons.
  • Ultrasonic … Superficial skin cleaning is carried out with a device that produces sound waves. It is one of the most gentle and suitable methods, even for susceptible skin.
  • Vacuum … It is carried out with the help of a drainage tube, which removes all unnecessary from the skin’s pores and works according to the principle of a vacuum can.
  • Laser … This is a rather traumatic but effective procedure in which sebum, keratin-covered skin, and other impurities evaporate under the influence of laser beams.
  • Electroplating … a watery discharge of electric current, together with alkaline substances, dissolves impurities accumulated in the pores, which then come to the surface in the form of soap foam and are removed by the beautician.
  • Combined … It involves a combination of several types of cleaning, each of which complements the actions of the others.

Indications for facial cleansing

It is not difficult to understand that the skin needs professional cleaning. Changes in her condition and appearance well recommend it.

Indications for facial cleansing by an esthetician:

  • Acne;
  • Black spots;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • A distinct oily sheen;
  • Undefined, uneven complexion;
  • General worsening of skin color.

Regular facial cleansing is necessary for problems and normal skin without noticeable defects, as it allows it to maintain a healthy appearance and not lose its attractiveness.

Contraindications for facial cleansing

It is a mistake to believe that cleaning is entirely safe and does not require severe treatment. The wrong approach can damage the skin, cause age spots to appear, and accelerate the fading process instead of delaying them, so choose a master to carry out the procedure in earnest.

It is strictly forbidden to clean the skin if the face has:

  • Wear and tear;
  • Spider veins and bruises;
  • Chemical or thermal burns, including sunburn;
  • Traces of skin diseases;
  • A large distribution of acne needs to be treated by a dermatologist.

Some types of hardware cleaning are prohibited for diseases related to the cardiovascular system – thrombosis, hypertension, angina pectoris, etc.

Important! If you have allergies or are taking medication, warn the host about this.

How is facial cleansing performed?

First, the master must determine the client’s skin type and outline a number of problems, which will help to choose the most suitable type of facial cleansing. The final decision will be yours but do not reject the beautician’s recommendation, aiming for one method to recommend to girlfriends or netizens. The specialist knows best what is right for you.

Mechanical facial cleansing

Although mechanical cleansing is an outdated method today, it is still in demand in some situations – for example, when the face has large blackheads, clogged pores, and blackheads. The easiest way to get rid of them is with special tools.

How to do mechanical facial cleansing:

  • The skin is cleansed of dirt and make-up residues.
  • The skin is steamed with a hot compress, a small sauna, or a paraffin mask to force the pores to open. Less often, when it comes to thin and sensitive skin, a layer of cold hydrogen gel is applied.
  • Open pores are cleaned with an Uno spoon, a loop, or directly with your fingers. Often, to better wash the face of acne, a needle is used, which is used to pierce adult acne and to get rid of the stratum corneum – brush and grindstones (this type of cleaning is called usage).
  • The cleaned skin is disinfected again.
  • Make a cooling and soothing mask.

After mechanical cleaning, the face is still red and irritated for some time, so it should protect from contact with cosmetics, hot steam in the sauna, or sunlight. However, after a few days, the redness disappears, and the skin becomes clean and smooth, without enlarged pores, comedones, and oily sheen.

Facial cleansing
Facial cleansing

Ultrasonic facial cleansing

It is considered the most automatic method among all mechanical and manual techniques, as it does not cause discomfort does not cause inflammation or redness. The skin is subjected to ultrasound. As a result, everything unnecessary is split and removed from the skin – fat plugs, comedones, and keratin scales.

How to do ultrasonic facial cleansing:

  • The skin is cleaned and disinfected.
  • A gel is applied, which is a conductor for the ultrasonic wave.
  • The master takes the device with a cleanser in hand and slowly guides it over the problem areas of the face. At work, the beautician regularly wipes the skin and the attachment of the device with an antiseptic.
  • In the final, the face is disinfected again.
  • In the final step, apply a soothing gel or moisturizing mask.

The appearance of the skin before and after the face is cleaned with ultrasound is noticeably different; it looks hydrated, smoother, firmer, and younger. In addition, the method has a positive effect on capillaries and lymphatic vessels, improves cell metabolism, and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

Vacuum facial cleansing

As you might guess from the name, within the framework of this procedure, a device is used that creates a vacuum on the skin. A small “vacuum cleaner” gently but qualitatively extracts fat from the pores, collects keratinized particles and impurities from the face’s surface, and performs a light massage.

How to do a vacuum facial:

  • The skin is cleaned of dirt and particles of cosmetics and disinfected.
  • The pores are opened with a hot compress, paraffin wax, or a small sauna. Sometimes, a lotion based on fruit, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid is used to “loosen” the upper layer of the epidermis.
  • On different parts of the face, they slowly attach the device that creates a vacuum.
  • The skin is cleansed and soothed with a mild lotion or mask.

Just like cleaning your face with ultrasound, the vacuum-based procedure does not cause pain, irritation, or inflammation. It perfectly removes superficial comedones, acne, and blackheads, improves skin tone, and evens the color. Still, it does not deal well with severe acne that affects the deeper layers of the skin.

Laser facial cleansing

Laser facial cleansing is one of the most expensive but effective procedures to solve several aesthetic problems. Thanks to the ability to control the intensity of the beam, the specialist can “evaporate” the upper part of the skin and free it from all kinds of impurities or penetrate the deep layers, relieve the client of scars and scars and stimulate the process of collagen and elastin production in cells. The depth of the beam also depends on the type of laser: for example, erbium has a mild effect, and refraction – is more pronounced.

How to clean your face with laser:

  • The skin is cleaned of make-up, grease, and other impurities but must treat with an antiseptic.
  • Since laser removal is a rather painful procedure, an anesthetic gel is used in most cases.
  • The beautician adjusts the settings of the device by setting the necessary parameters.
  • Problem areas of the skin are exposed to laser beams. At this stage, unpleasant sensations and a burning smell may appear.
  • The face is smeared with healing, soothing and moisturizing substances.

Important! Often, before the actual cleaning, the master does a light peeling or a warming mask to open the pores.

After the face has been cleaned with a laser, the skin is red and swollen for several days, as the effect of the radiation is comparable to a burn. But the recovery is quick with caution, protection from the sun, and refusal to visit saunas, swimming pools, and tanning salons. As a result, the skin becomes smooth; an oily sheen disappears, acne and small age spots disappear, and fine wrinkles are smoothed.

Galvanic facial cleansing

Budget galvanic cleaning involves using alkaline solutions to combat skin imperfections and electric current, with their help penetrating deep into the pores. As a result, dusty and greasy plugs soften, dissolve, and soothe (turn into soap suds), after which the master removes them from the client’s face.

How to do galvanic facial cleansing:

  • With the help of cosmetic milk or lotion, the skin is cleaned of dust and cosmetics.
  • Use an alkaline solution and wait a few minutes.
  • The beautician turns on the device to wash the face and rubs the tip over the problem areas.
  • The foam that appears is carefully removed with napkins and cotton pads.
  • After the procedure, the look is cleaned and treated with a soothing and moisturizing agent.

Disincrustation has proven itself as an effective method for cleaning the face from blackheads, acne, and oily sheen. It allows you to give your skin a refreshing look, prevent loss of elasticity, and restore a healthy color. Still, it is ineffective against age spots and wrinkles.

Combined facial cleansing

Combined facial cleansing is used in cases where the use of one or another method does not provide the desired effect. Still, at the same time, they allow you to achieve maximum results.

For example, the device for ultrasonic facial cleansing is too soft to be used in areas with deep and prominent comedones, so the master often adds it manually.

Likewise, using a vacuum or electric current often requires reinforcement in the form of needles, Uno spoons, other devices to clean the face, and sometimes chemical peels. As a general rule, special attention must be paid to the wings and bridge of the nose, temporal region, chin, and forehead.

The beautician will be able to determine which facial cleansing will best cope with the client’s problem only after a thorough examination; therefore, it is difficult to define a clear framework for the cost of such an operation in advance.

Real Facial Cleansing Reviews

Reviews about facial cleansing are rarely negative if a woman has chosen a good master and a salon with the latest technology. If these conditions are met, complaints related to skin cleansing are usually left by girls with a low pain threshold. Still, in principle, such procedures are complex. However, some people experience unintended consequences of cleaning their face for acne and blackheads, such as age spots, inflammation, or loss of skin elasticity. Following the esthetician’s recommendations, high-quality skin care products, and an overall healthy lifestyle will help minimize the risk.

Irina, 39 years old

I will say right away that laser cleaning is painful. My face burned like hell, so even the panthenol the beautician applied to my skin didn’t help much. She sat in front of the fan, fanned herself, and used panthenol every two hours. But the next day, it became more accessible. After 5 days of peeling, the skin regenerated, tuberculosis disappeared, and acne smoothed out. It is a result but not final; I will have the operation again in a month.

Alena, 26 years old

I believe ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for girls who do not have real skin problems but want to brighten up their faces and eliminate minor imperfections. The procedure was painless, but in the beginning, after, it turned out somehow … crumpled or something. And for a few days, there were still red spots where the phage was particularly intense. But for 3-4 days, I got a perfectly smooth face with delicate redness and porcelain skin! But I repeat, in the beginning, I had no severe problems.

Yana, 33 years old

I think it’s essential to find a good esthetician for mechanical cleaning. I expressed with extended nails so that the skin was on fire both before and after! But the one who cleans carefully using products from the luxury category and her hands grow from the right place. I go to her every six months to get rid of all the dirt in the pores, acne, and other debris. I have plenty, especially since I eat right and don’t miss cleansing my face at night.

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