Club to Catwalk: Everything you need to know about how to be an 80s chick!

FROM 8.5kg jackets adorned with hair grips, to body harnesses, to discos; the V&A takes you back to the 80s in style!

The iconic museum’s Club to Catwalk exhibition is everything you need to know, remember and love about fashion from the 80s!

Vivienne Westwood and Betty Jackson were but a few of the major designers showcasing collections from the era with elaborate designs, bold colours and striking contouring.

With over 50 outfits, the exhibition, both male and female, the exhibition captures the essence of the 80s, even having its own Blitz magazine inspired disco!

Next to the mannequins, a projector also shows old footage of real 80s catwalks, music videos and the odd familiar face of the time to submerse yourself back into the 80′s.

Cleverly, the choice of clothes, designers and entire outfits shows how fashion truly can and has come back around, from the whole-body harness (more popular with today’s lingerie lines) to biker jackets, chains and the bold and bright jumpsuits to name just a few familiar features!

Curator for the exhibition, Claire Wilcox said: “I think we think about 80s fashion as being about shoulder pads, well there aren’t many shoulder pads, London fashion is about much more than that.

“One thing we wanted to do on the exhibition was not just to rely on big names but also introduce people who might not as widely, or less well known.

“We’ve also searched high and low to represent designers who, for one reason or another, didn’t make it.”

By adding a few relatively unknown or unheard of designers, there will be something new, excited and unseen for those keen 80′s fans, as well as those who adore a bit of Vivienne Westwood (of course with her signature globe).

By having a nearly equal weighting to womenswear, the male ensembles help create a true representation of the daring and rule-breaking era – finally an exhibition where men won’t moan at as they go round, yay!

It really is a blast from the iconic past.

You’ll walk out of the exhibition wanting to listen to a bit of Spandau Ballet or Blondie and dig out the liquid eyeliner and backcomb – and that is a Pillow guarantee.

Club To Catwalk runs until 16th February. More information here.

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