Good shape: Are you in good form?

Good shape what is, how you maintain? Find ways in your diet and exercise that will help prevent aging and keep your body in good shape at all times. The life of a modern person passes quickly and there is no time to pause. That said, you can often feel empty. Today we will not tell you about the secret method of increasing energy reserves, as it simply does not exist. However, you can learn these ways to always be in good shape.

These ways to always be in good shape


This advice may seem deadly to you, as regular morning exercises increase your body’s energy reserves. Now we are not talking about working with weights or poles. It is quite enough to perform knee bends, oscillating movements of the limbs and arm bends before going to work.

First meal

Get used to breakfast. Many people ignore this meal and make serious mistakes. Eating slower carbohydrate sources in the morning provides the body with enough energy until noon. Skip late meals so that you have a good appetite when you wake up.


If the body lacks fluid, the person begins to get tired. Drink water at the first signs of thirst.


In addition to the three main meals, you need to have 2 or 3 snacks. For this, fruits, nuts, and dried fruits are perfect. You should not tolerate it until lunch, because that way you will definitely eat more food than your body needs. This not only has a negative effect on the image but also causes a feeling of tiredness because the body has to work beyond food.


If you are very tired and the workday is not over, take a break. It is also worth doing a light neck and head massage at this point to improve blood flow.


If you have to sit at work for a long time, you need to use every opportunity to exercise. Do not ask a colleague to bring you coffee, but go yourself. Perform regular light stretches in a chair, perform circular movements with the head, tense and relax the abdominal muscles, and so on.


Many people love this tasty drink. Try not to abuse it and even more to give up coffee at night.


Train yourself to maintain a good posture. Straight back and smooth breasts improve blood flow to the brain.

Laugh more often

You probably know that laughter prolongs life. In addition, the facial muscles are activated, which improves blood circulation.


Be sure to start playing sports. You do not need to go to the gym because it is possible to do a good workout at home. Take regular walks to get started. Then it’s worth starting to run. If you do not need to lose weight, buy weights and pump up your muscles. Strength training at night will help men feel better.


Start monitoring your health. If the body has iron deficiency, hemoglobin is formed in small amounts, which leads to rapid fatigue.


This is one of the most cost-effective and effective ways to deal with depression and stress. To perform the lesson, you just need to sit on the ground, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing, which should be even and calm.


It is worth stopping completely alcoholic beverages. As a last resort, use them as little as possible.

A dream

Scientists have found that it is worth changing the place to sleep regularly. This will allow the body to fully recover.

Do not sleep too much

Eight hours of sleep is enough to restore the body. If you do not sleep well enough or sleep well, it will have a negative effect on your well-being.


Scientists have proven the benefits of fragrances and today there is even a special method – fragrance treatment. To do this, you only need to buy scented candles. You can also take a regular bath with essential oils.

Vertebral column

The spine is connected to all internal organs. If he is healthy, your condition will improve significantly.

Daily sleep

Sleep for an hour a day as soon as possible. This will increase the body’s energy reserves.

Nuts and raisins

With a significant lack of magnesium in the body, lactate is actively formed during sports. It is this metabolism of energy processes that causes the feeling of fatigue. Eat nuts, which are a great source of magnesium. Raisins, on the other hand, can provide energy to the body.

Get in shape for sports

Of course, you can teach in any outfit. However, in one interesting experiment, researchers proved the following: girls who train in good shape work 20 percent more efficiently.

Get yourself a dog

If you have a pet in the house, you must walk it regularly. Researchers from the United States have shown that the daily physical activity of dog owners is 35 percent greater than that of ordinary people.

Share sweets with loved ones

It is not necessary to give up all the desserts to maintain the image. However, it is better to give your spouse or girlfriend the cake or the pastry.

Brush your teeth after every meal

In Japan, scientists have proven that it will not only be beneficial for your teeth, but also for your image. This hygiene method can suppress appetite, especially if the toothpaste used tastes like mint. In addition, healthy teeth have a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system.

Do not watch TV often

Again, let’s turn to the research of scientists from the United States. They found that people who spent more than four hours in front of the blue screen consumed 30 percent more calories each day. You may not have noticed it, but while watching movies or TV shows, the number of snacks that your body does not need increases.

Eat slowly

It is important to chew your food carefully. During a meal, you need to focus on it and not be distracted by watching TV or reading the newspaper.

Good shape
Good shape

Exercises to help you stay in good shape

Now the conversation will focus only on the exercises that can be performed with the weight of your own body. You do not need special sports equipment. That’s why you can practice anywhere. At the same time, you do not have to spend a lot of time on time, which is important for many in modern life.

Even without visiting the gym, with the help of the exercises discussed today, you will have the opportunity to maintain excellent physical fitness. You can use these exercises as a building block in your workout. However, you should first master the technical nuances of all movements to get the most out of your exercises.


Take a supine position and place your hands on your shoulders. Feet rest on the ground, also shoulder-width apart. Therefore, the starting position is analogous to plank choking. Make sure your body is in a straight line. It should also be remembered that the head should not lower and the buttocks should not lift. Make elbow bends from the starting position described above.


The arms are located below the shoulder joints or slightly wider. The body is stretched out in a straight line, and the muscles of the buttocks and breasts are tense. You need to hold this position for a certain amount of time.

Gluteal bridge

Take your position in a bend and bend your legs at the knees and rest your feet on the ground. Pull in the abdomen and arms should be close to the body. From this position, start lifting your hips.

Spider Lunge

Take a starting position, similar to arm bends. Then place your left foot on the outside of the arm of the same name. It is necessary to land on all feet. Return to starting position, and repeat the movement with the other leg. During the exercise, the hips should not be allowed to sag, and the shoulder joints should not be moved from the arm line.


Take a plank position, from where you need to lift your right hand and touch it to your left shoulder joint. Return to starting position, and repeat the movement with the other hand. When you touch your shoulder joint with your hand, it is not recommended to carry body weight.


Everyone has known this exercise since childhood. When performing the exercise, do not allow:

  • Stretch the knee joints out beyond the toe line.
  • Taking the heels off the ground.
  • Flexibility into the knee joints.
  • Transferring body weight to socks.

If you do not get down to a full knee bend, then practice at a height that is comfortable for you.

Side by side

Take a standing position and your back straight. Step with your left foot to the side, lowering as low as possible.

Jump squats

Perform a knee bend until your thighs are parallel to the ground. As you go down, keep your hands in front of you and when you jump out, move them behind your back. Try to jump as high as possible and then land softly. Once you have reached the lowest point of the track while kneeling, your heels should be flat on the ground.

Jumping lunges

The front of the knee joint should bend at right angles. When you are lunging, lower yourself as low as possible, but the knee of the hind leg should not touch the ground. The body must be in a vertical plane and the body weight must be evenly distributed between the legs. Jump and spread your legs in the air. You may first need to perform a normal lung and only switch to jumping after you have reached a certain level of training.

One leg is raised

Return to a standing position and keep your back straight. Start bending forward while leaving one leg behind. The slope should be as small as your flexibility allows.

Opposite lungs

Return to a standing position and step back with your foot. In this case, the knee on the forefoot should bend at an angle. Body weight must be evenly distributed between the legs.

Walk on your hands

The legs should be as straight as possible and this depends on the flexibility of the body. The back should not be rounded and should be closely monitored. Lean forward and after touching the ground with your hands, start pushing on them until you take the plank position. You must return to the starting position in the same way.

Once you have mastered all these movements, you can divide them in any order. However, it is worth choosing them so that they do not use the same muscle groups. It is enough to use three exercises in one lesson for good shape. Do each for 30 seconds and then pause for 10 seconds. The sequence must be performed at least 10 times.

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