Red manicure: fashion trends and the best ideas

Red manicure is a Fashion trend and a variety of shades of red. The best red manicure ideas and decor. The new most interesting things.

Red manicure is a nail design that is always in fashion. Since this color is associated with passion, energy, and attraction, it is appreciated because it attracts attention, and enlivens the image. Red lacquer never leaves the list of the most sought after. But the decor and design of nails changes, depending on fashion trends. In 2023, designers will offer a variety of solutions, including options for different looks – from privacy to festive.

Fashion trends and colors

Modern manicure with red nails impresses with a variety of colors. You can choose a bright, pure classic, but experimenting with shades of burgundy, carrot and other colors are no less interesting. Many things already depend on the choice of tone: the darker the color, the nobler it is. Light shining colors are associated with fun, youth, and positivity.

Nail designers are happy to add the following existing shades to their palette:

  • Madman;
  • Redhead;
  • Scarlet;
  • Coral;
  • Ruby;
  • Diamond;
  • Carrot;

The year 2023 is the adaptation of the red classic to new trends. Designers offer a generous use of a variety of decorations – from sequins and pollen to sequins and broths.

The main trends include geometry and minimalism. They compete with bold contrasts. In fact, ladies are not limited by anything: you can experiment in different ways, including combining the inappropriate. The amazing design is born of unconventional color combinations. The most important thing in this business is to have a sense of taste and proportion as a guide.

Designers do not limit the choice of nail length: you can safely paint with red and short and very long nail plates. It is a little better to think about which nail art to choose so that the fingers are not short or do not indicate that they are too long, linking the length of the nails and the design idea.

The best red manicure ideas

While this color itself looks juicy and boring, a red manicure with a design is even more sought after.

 In 2023, many of the nail art of previous years are still relevant, but bright, interesting solutions are added:

  • Red French … Holds the lead in recent seasons. This design is a win-win precisely for the reason that with the right choice of shade, it will launch any image. You can create a neat scarlet line along the edge and leave the whole nail in its natural color – this way a red jacket manicure looks tight, gentle, and neat. You can choose a reliable expressive shade as a base – this great solution will enhance your evening attire at night. The combination of matte and shiny red in the jacket looks very interesting. You can go the other way: bring chic and glamorous with sparkling and gold. In general, a red jacket actually opens up the widest range of possibilities, if it is determination and imagination.
  • Moon manicure in red … It is even more versatile than jackets. With such a solution, you can include the most diverse and unexpected images. You can create a calm design by combining a bright color scheme, but in a minimal amount, with nude tones. It is easy to create a festive look if you combine a red manicure with rhinestones or other interiors.
  • Gradient manicure … Ombre technique is used successfully, even when the girl chooses the brightest and most expressive colors. True, such experiments are best performed when the length of the plate allows a smooth transition. The most successful combination of tones has not yet been found. You can play with some red, and your nails will only become attractive with this. But the design is more interesting and bolder if completely different colors are used. Only subject to the great skill of the performer. By the way, you can choose a quite muted red, and add a neutral shade like beige or nude to it. And then the interior is boldly added to the slope. This kind of red manicure with a sparkling look looks very beautiful.
  • Red and black … Another win-win and surprisingly rich solution. After all, you can combine such colors in different ways and come up with endless possibilities. The easiest way is to paint a few fingers in red and the rest in black, or vice versa. Surprisingly, thanks to this, the image will acquire charm and even greatness. It will add a touch of fashion and drama. Even more interesting is a manicure in red tones, if you draw a pattern, a geometric pattern in black. By the way, you can even make a jacket or moon nail art. You can work on broken glass, and tilt, using these two colors as a basis. In any case, the result will be incredible and exciting. Another idea is to outline the red base with a black border and vice versa. It’s amazing how bright and stylish your fingers look.
  • Red and gray or beige … These are combinations suitable for women who are ready to add a little passion to the image, but without going beyond the bounds of decency. If you want a really fashionable red manicure, but the situation commits you to seriousness and restraint, then you can and should look at one of these combinations better. Gray, beige softens bright shade. At the same time, nails will definitely not look boring. In addition, you can use a variety of designs – from jackets to fashionable geometry.
  • Red manicure with gold … Truly luxurious and even a magnificent solution. Of course, not for every day, though if the dress code allows, you can literally make a few accents in gold, if you really want to shine even in the office. However, this idea is best used for a special occasion. It’s just important not to overdo it. Mostly red is taken as a base and gold is added with a few strokes. But it is acceptable to make four or three nails red and the rest completely gold. The hall looks very original in gold on the scarlet lacquer. You can do a red manicure with flowers in gold. The math in this combination is no less interesting and cool. Gold stripes, rings, and other shapes are painted on red nails. It is amazing if the master paints the surface with gold flowers.
  • Red cat manicure … Another win-win idea. It gives a share in predators and mystery and does not deprive softness and femininity at all. The cat’s eye allows you to play especially well with the length and shape of the nail. After finding the optimal arrangement of the pattern, you can emphasize the grace of your fingers, lengthening them visually, even if the manicure is very short.
  • Red matte manicure … Simply brilliant and incredibly effective. Unlike shiny nails, these nails look calmer. Even the brightest office color can be used if the surface is matte. Even the slightest hint of rudeness is completely ruled out: a design with such an effect looks noble, but not without a share of luxury.
  • Bubble nails or foamy manicure in red … This is one of the latest techniques to create a surface with a special texture. Numerous bubbles seemed to burst on the nail, leaving round spots of different sizes. The design looks boring, stylish, and moderately laconic. As a rule, only 1-2 nails are made in this technique. In addition, the solution is well combined with other designs and decorations. Otherwise, the masters achieve different effects with the same technology. For example, the surface appears to be covered with lunar craters. It may resemble crocodile skin, fish, and lava.

Red manicure decoration options

On the one hand, the bright red color combination itself looks quite expressive – you can be without nail decorations. But on the other hand, with the help of thoughtful decor, you can emphasize sophistication or passion, and give originality and cheerfulness. And in this regard, there are almost no restrictions if you only remember harmony.

The best options are:

  • Flowering impulses … This is a decor that leaves no one indifferent. Especially freely, the master will develop the imagination and make a red manicure for long nails. Various plants will follow the plate, buds will bloom and the image, as a result, will be even more expressive, emotional, and unusual. When the nail is very short and small in area, it is more difficult to draw on it. In addition, you should not rush to the extreme and show small drawings in great detail – they can only be viewed from a close distance. At first glance, the purest flower, but too small in size, will appear random.
  • Mathematics in different varieties is… Equally popular decoration, but choosing a drawing should be even more accurate than flowers for nails. Since you must take into account both the length and width of the plate, so as not to distort the proportions in the negative direction. But with a successful choice of image and its correct placement, you can even hide the flaws of your fingers by emphasizing their advantages. For example, in a red manicure on a square of nails, it is definitely worth writing stripes that stretch from the base to the edge of the plate. Then they will look longer and a little narrower.
  • Gold or silver paper … Decoration that will add red and black manicures and other works. This is an easy way to emphasize your love of luxury. Admittedly, moderation is important. If the blister is used excessively, the design will not be cool but cheap. In addition, gold is more suitable for mature women who love themselves and know how to promote themselves. Silver is more suitable for young girls: it looks softer, cleaner, and more innocent. What attracts nail filmmakers is that every new manicure looks authentic. It is impossible for the drawing to overlap with the art on someone else’s fingers. Because a unique and repetitive pattern is obtained.
  • Rubbing … Another interior that is still relevant in 2023. The skin gives the color depth, character, and expression. With that, a beautiful red manicure looks more expensive and post. The massage is used with both shiny and matte nails. For different shades of red, gold and silver furnishings are best. In addition, this decor is permissible even if nails of different colors are available. For example, rubbing gold on a black lacquer on one finger will look good, but the rest will be painted with bold scarlet.
  • Rhinestones … From year to year, this decor does not lose its popularity thanks to the craftsmen. They prove that tiny glitters, when handled with skill and taste, can be the perfect decoration for women’s fingers. A definite advantage of stones is that they can be combined with almost any technology. You can do a red manicure on short nails and add cool just a few glitters. More space on long plates, but it is important not to rush to the extreme and cover it with stones to eliminate sickness. Mild accents with a magnetic glaze are appropriate for the contrast of black and red texture. You can create a red manicure with a geometric pattern, but still, there is a possibility of how to decorate it according to rhinestones.
  • Craquelure or cracking effect … Also a popular interior that has been used successfully with red nails in different shades. You can achieve this effect with the help of a special coating, but something similar is also obtained with a masterful use of film. As a rule, it is assumed that the second shade is chosen for the base shade – which will be noticeable in the cracks. Red manicure with gold crisis looks very beautiful, luxurious, and really great. Silver looks a little calmer, so this design is acceptable, even in the office. The combination of red and black looks even more unrestrained. But the film will certainly not be more boring – more precisely, the depth and drama will evoke in it.
  • Sparks and sparkles … Such funds give the image shine and lightness. They are not as heavy as sequins, rhinestones, or gold foil. With a little glow and overflow, the nails look romantic and gentle. The highlight of the interior is that the fingers look different, depending on the angle at which you look at the surface. In addition, a well-chosen glimmer or sparkling addition to a red manicure with silver, geometric or floral images.
Red manicure
Red manicure

Innovation and development 2023

One of the fascinating new fashion trends in red nails is the berry and fruit motif. Of course, designers drew before. But in 2023, they are particularly keen and widespread on this topic. In addition, you can paint juicy fruit in any season, on nails in different shades of red. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Bright strawberries will bring lightness, freshness, and playfulness. Mulberry will declare originality. Sweet cherries and cherries are an unspoken symbol of summer with the heat, the sunshine, and the relaxation by the sea.

If you are interested in a festive red manicure, in the new season, the combination with beige, added broth, or crystals, has become a real hit. This nail art looks brilliant in every sense. At the same time beige calms down a bit, reminiscent of nobility. After successfully composing the composition, with the exception of luridness, you can choose such an idea for any festive occasion – from a corporate party to a wedding.

In the new era, non-standard jackets are experiencing great popularity. If you want to show off the beauty of your fingers and inevitably draw everyone’s attention to them, then you should use such an unusual idea of ​​a red manicure as a flame tongue instead of a regular laconic stripe bow. Then the picture will literally be fiery and unforgettable. However, you can make the design with a touch of romance – decorate the jacket with stylized oblong hearts. The picture will be full of positives if you draw the length of the smile instead of the bow.

Another novelty of red manicure is to use a glossy pattern on the matte surface of the nail, or vice versa. In this case, a three-dimensional effect is obtained, which in itself is original, invincible, and expressive. Furthermore, there is nothing to prevent such technology from being used in many ways. If you need a relatively calm design, you can literally limit yourself to one color. For a festive or evening look, technology is added to gold, sparkling, foil, and other furnishings.

Although red and white manicures have been done before, in 2023 such a combination was looked at from a new perspective. Designers who have developed their talents to unprecedented heights, based on this combination, give birth to real masterpieces. For example, red nails with stunning white lace look amazing. Such a solution will look great with the bride’s outfit: on the one hand, a red manicure will express great love and passion, on the other hand, the theme of purity and innocence will be revealed.

With these two colors, craftsmen work by hand, creating patterns, as well as using tools such as stamping, and stencils. Quite unusual, but at the same time, the transition from a white smile to a red background with tilt technology will look beautiful. By the way, manicure with such a design on red nails is successfully added to the decor – sparkling, foil. Only moderate so that the image as a whole looks uniform.


The red color in a manicure is a classic, so lovers of such a color combination would not have to give it up. Even acquiring a completely new reading does not lose its charm and charm and emphasizes feminine beauty.

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