Makeup for blondes How to make

Makeup for blondes, properties, and leading accents of the make-up. How to make makeup for blondes: day, evening, wedding, summer, and winter. Useful tips.

Light make-up is make-up for women with light curls that suit them perfectly. To look gorgeous, a girl needs to choose the right tones and a way to apply cosmetics. Consider how to do makeup for blondes.

Leading makeup for blondes

For beautiful makeup for blondes, you need to follow the basic rules.

They touch all parts of the face:

  • Browse … If the girl has naturally blonde hair, the eyebrows look subtle. You can correct the situation, but it is better not to choose contrasting colors. To touch, use dry eye shadow and apply it with the hair between the hairs. Avoid pencils: they create unnatural make-up and make your edges cut out too much.
  • Eyes … Create eye make-up for blondes with minimal shadow. Use grayish or brownish mascara for the lashes. Avoid black tones for makeup during the day, but at night they will be appropriate. If you chose a pencil for make-up, use gray, brown or blue tones. Use beige or pastel shades. You should not give up on a bright look with black arrows, but it is only suitable for special occasions.
  • Lips … The last touch of make-up is the lips. Choose lipstick according to the hair color. For ash strands, a pink or gray texture is suitable. For evening make-up, you need purple, scarlet, or cherry matte lipstick. For hair with a light warm shade, apply salmon, terracotta, or coral.
  • Redness and powder … The rest of the make-up should be done in muted tones. The redness should not stand out. Ideally, the cheeks can be colored with powder a few shades darker than the main ones.

Choose an eye shadow based on physiological properties. You should not follow fashion if the make-up light does not suit you.

Make-up properties by eye color:

  • Makeup for blondes with gray eyes … If a woman has gray eyes, then it is worth doing makeup in beige and gold tones. They add depth to the eyes and give them a blue tint. Use the foundation first, then the shadow. Draw the outer corner with brown shadows, marking the eyelid. Label the lashes with brown mascara. Adjust colors and bring them closer to shades of pink or peach.
  • Makeup for blondes with blue eyes … If the iris has a shade of water, do not draw the eyes too brightly. Use pastel colors. It is better to focus on the products. Apply pink eye shadow all over the eyelid and make the corner brown. Draw a light scar with the outline of the lashes and cover the lashes with mascara. You can also experiment with the lower eyelid.
  • Make-up for blondes with brown eyes … For brown-eyed ladies, saturated colors are suitable. For shades, pink tones are appropriate. If you want blue or green, keep them quiet. Apply the foundation first, then paint over the lid with gold and then red eye shadow. Make sure the tone transition is smooth. Mark the edge of the eye with a brown color. Draw the eyepiece along the outline of the lashes below and above. Draw a long arrow, and cover the lashes with mascara.
  • Makeup for blondes with green eyes … Every green shade will make for green eyes blonde. It is good if the tone of the shadows is darker than the iris of the eyes. Good tones with gold or brownish sheen blend well into each other. Use a dark, olive-colored pencil to emphasize the outline of the eyes.

By combining the shadow of the eyes with the chosen shadow tone, you will be able to create a bright, harmonious look.

How to make makeup for blonde at home?

By knowing the leading patterns of makeup for blondes, you can change your preferences and methods of using them. The following are the most popular options.

Day make-up

Day make-up for blondes is done in a light, soft colors. By the way, it will be peach, beige, with a golden tinge, pearl, and champagne.

To create magnificent makeup, follow the advice of beauticians:

  • Cover the upper eyelid with light shining shadows.
  • Use a brush to blend light brown or pink shades.
  • Use mascara to color your lashes.
  • Lighten your cheeks lightly with redness.
  • Emphasize the shape of the products with ointment.

The result is nude makeup for blondes. It is important for a friendly meeting, a visit to an educational institution, to work.

Make-up at night

Evening make-up for blondes is done according to different rules. When you go to a party, give the look originality. Remember: cosmetics, clothes, and hair should combine with each other.

You can experiment with evening make-up. Bright colors look beautiful if you choose them for a spectacular dress. But when choosing contrasting cosmetics, focus only on your eyes or lips.

All tones apply to fair skin. But choose shades of cool tones: metallic, grayish, bluish. On the lips of blonde blondes, lipstick of purple, raspberry, or terracotta shade looks good. Women with perfect skin can choose lipstick of any bright color.

If you are a dark-haired woman, be aware of cool shades: lilac, with blue color. It goes well with a golden tone with brown shadows. Brown or nude lipstick is combined with tanned skin.

How to make an evening makeup for blondes:

  • Emphasize the shape of the eyes with a shadow.
  • For moving eyelids, use cosmetics with a golden sheen.
  • Use matte brown make-up to emphasize the outer corner of the eye and the trajectory.
  • Draw arrows, and apply mascara on the lashes.
  • For lips, use muted berry color. Mix it together to make the silhouette of the products look softer.
  • Use a blush that matches your lipstick tone.

As an evening dress, blondes often like to wear a red or scarlet dress. Make-up should match the stylish look. Discard bright eye shadows or use them only on the inner corner of the eye to emphasize it. To emphasize the eyes, use a pencil or mascara in dark tones. Color your lips with a gloss or lipstick in soft tones.

If you want to emphasize your lips and choose clothes that match your lipstick, then you need minimal makeup for your eyes. Define the outline with an eye pencil or insert it with mascara. When coloring the lips, mark them with a pencil tone that is darker than lipstick. Do not go beyond the intended line: then the makeup will look neat.

Non-smoking ice cream

To make smoked ice cream, you need to choose the right tones. For blue-eyed blondes, blue shades that match the shade of students are suitable. Colors of peach, gold, and sandalwood will also look beautiful.

Green eyes women can use green shades. The make-up shadow should stand out compared to eye shadow. Brown or golden color applies.

Dark tones are suitable for brown eye eyes: greyish, brownish, and olive color. Purple or violet is suitable for light skin.

To enhance the smoky ice effect, highlight the center of the permanent eyelid. You can apply dark brown eye shadow and add a golden highlight in the middle. Paint the eyelid with brown shadows. Above and below, draw on the mucous membrane with a black pencil. You can use a brown pencil on the lower eyelid. Emphasize the lashes with mascara. Use peach lipstick for your lips. Apply bronze powder to the cheekbones instead of blush.

Makeup for blondes
Makeup for blondes

Wedding make-up

It is important to emphasize tenderness and naturalness in the image of the bride. The lips are underlined to give them a charm, the eyes for the depth of the look. The foundation is designed to create a silky smooth skin effect.

You can add brightness to your wedding makeup with mascara and eyebrow lining. Choose a gray or brown color for your lashes. For gray-haired beauty, gray and blue tones apply.

For the face, use a matte cream to make the skin appear translucent. Light redness will emphasize the depth of the look. But do not overdo it so your cheeks do not look bright. Color your eyebrows with matte shades of brownish hues.

Winter make-up

In the cold season, it is important to not only look beautiful but also protect the skin from the effects of cold winds and frost. To do this, apply a creamy foundation all over your face. Use golden or beige tones that best match your skin tone.

Choose shades by hair color. For blondes with a reddish or yellow-brown tinge of threads, as a result, shadows with a shade of silver or gray. If the tone of the curl is closer to ash, highlight your eyes with chocolate or brown shades.

Use moisturizing lipstick in winter. The lips must be protected from drying out. Take the color closer to coral, peach, pink, and other natural shades.

Summer make-up

Try to avoid the basics during the summer. The skin sweats quickly and becomes dirty, and with regular use of the foundation, there is a risk of acne and blackheads. But if you cannot without tone, use creams with toning and moisturizing effect or apply cosmetics in a thin layer on problem areas.

The cheek color is light, light. Apply them with a fluffy brush. You can color your eyebrows with a light brown pencil, without forgetting to comb them. It is better to avoid shadows in the summer, apply lashes with brown mascara in 1-2 layers. Make your lips look natural, without bright tones.

Important! Exceptions are festive occasions, and spectacular parties when you need to look magnificent. Experiment, but do not forget about the sense of proportion.

Useful tips

Creating makeup for blonde step by step is great art. It depends on him how tidy his face looks, and how the woman’s image will be.

We recommend taking into account the main features of applying cosmetics for blonde beauty:

  • Cleanse your skin with toner or lotion. It looks ugly if there are black dots on the face.
  • Apply the tone or powder thinly and spread it evenly over the face. It is enough to even out the color by emphasizing the freshness of the skin. A thick layer of make-up looks rude.
  • Choose a cheek color in warm colors. They should be consistent with the complexion, and the hair. Apply them to the cheekbones in a barely visible way.
  • The thickness of the eyebrows should be moderate. Do not make them too thick or thin. Use a liquid pencil to line the outline.
  • Apply powder on the eyelids first, and then lighten the shadow. Use a darker shade to highlight the inner edge and adjacent eyelid area.
  • Remember: blonde makeup, like the image itself, should look gentle.
  • In the last step, create a contrast between the lips and eyes. Choose lipstick in light colors. The exceptions are cases where a magnificent clear picture is required. Red lipstick is also suitable for women with white skin who have natural contrasts in appearance.

To look like a movie star, blondes need to follow the rules listed. Well-made makeup is the basis of an image that allows you to draw attention to yourself.


Makeup for blondes will help to create a bright, obvious, or delicate look. It all depends on the chosen tones and the project. Think about how you appear to others.

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