Ointment: Washing hair with ointment

Ointment how you use, what is the wash, the stage of the procedure, which can wash their hair with ointment, and how to choose the right product for this. Co-washing is a special method of washing your hair without the use of shampoo or soap, using only ointments or conditioners. It is from this phrase “washing with conditioner” or “washing protection” that the abbreviated name appears.

Description and composition of growing ointment

A woman of African descent thought of washing her hair with ointment. As you know, in African girls, the hair structure is different from European hair. Their small curls tend to become dry and stiff. Therefore, it makes washing curls with any shampoo even harder and drier. Every, even the mildest and most neutral hair cleanser contains surfactants and various ingredients that contribute to this. Co-growth means that an ointment or conditioner will do the job well without any unpleasant consequences. For people with dry and coarse hair, this method is suitable. Therefore, cohesive treatment is successfully used all over the world by women with different skin tones and types of curls.

Washing your head with shampoo involves cleansing your hair by applying a cleanser, when using curls or conditioners, the curls are mechanically cleaned with abrasion and massage. By using a high-quality and properly selected conditioner or ointment for this operation, the hair will become light and manageable, giving it shine and silk, volume, and a pleasant scent improving the structure of the hair and facilitating analysis and style.

The main ingredients of ointment or conditioner for growth are various rejuvenating products, such as vegetable oils (coconut, wheat germ, jojoba oil), which care for and nourish the hair.

Extracts of fruits, flowers, or their essential oils may also be part of a growing product. Citrus fruits are usually present as the main fruit: lemon, mandarin, or lime. They are rich in vitamins and have a positive effect on the scalp and hair.

Vitamin complexes are often found in such products: B, C, A, and E vitamins nourish curls and make them healthier. Hair conditioners contain cationic active ingredients, they make the hair manageable and easy to comb. Alcohol and other excipients may also be present.

But products containing silicone, parabens, or sulfates should be avoided. You cannot wash your hair with this ointment; it makes the curls heavier and does not clean them well. In addition, sulfates are very harmful to the environment.

Benefits of washing together or washing your hair with ointment

Undoubtedly, washing your hair with a conditioner can have many benefits. What kind of benefits can be found in the approval process, we will consider below.

Benefits of co-growth for the scalp

The condition of the scalp greatly affects the appearance of the hair and hair.

Co-growth definitely has a positive effect on the epidermis:

  • Allows you to preserve natural oils found in the scalp, leading to better resistance to various inflammations and diseases.
  • It does not dry out the skin and after all, with constant use of aggressive shampoos, it becomes dry, it can crack, leading to inflammation and the appearance of dandruff.
  • When the right products are used, this method can rid the scalp of the damage that has already appeared and heal it.

Advantages of growing hair

Curls need careful care because a beautiful haircut is impossible without breathing hair that is breathable.

  • Does not dry hair.
  • Makes them great for style. Remember that it happens that it is very difficult to style the hair after washing, especially curly hair, but when we wash the hair with ointment, it greatly facilitates the task.
  • Has a light cleansing effect. When washing without shampoo, you can wash off dirt and dust that has accumulated on the hair but with less loss.
  • When we wash the hair with conditioner, the charge of the hair changes to positive, which makes the structure of the hair flat. This helps to retain moisture inside it and increases durability and shine.
  • Gives curls softness and silk due to mild effects.
  • Significantly reduces hair breakage by keeping moisture in the middle.
  • Helps preserve color and shine for colored curls longer than each shampoo washes the paint off.
  • You can grow daily or as needed without fear of hair damage.
  • Makes curls more elastic and bulky.

Contraindications for the approval process

Despite the benefits, there is still a class of people for whom such a method will not be enough to clean their hair or will not work for other reasons.

Before washing your hair with ointment, be sure not to fall into the following categories:

  • People with oily or combination hair types are prone to frequent and heavy pollution. With a wash, it is rather difficult to remove dirt completely, because, with greasy curls that require almost daily washing, you cannot do without shampoo.
  • People who want to grow hair faster. When we wash our hair with ointment, the hair follicles are not fully cleaned and this can slow down hair growth. Therefore, those who want to grow long curls quickly should take turns growing with a regular shampoo or quit the first one completed during the growing season.

Consider some disadvantages of washing your hair with conditioner:

  • Excessive accumulation of ointment during washing can weigh down fine, straight hair and make them look ugly.
  • Continuous use of this method can cause itching, especially in people with oily scalp.
  • Washing your hair with ointment is rather tedious and long because one such procedure takes from 12-15 minutes.
  • Do not completely clean much dirty hair.
Washing hair with ointment
Washing hair with ointment

How to choose an ointment for shampoo

The first step in consensus as to choose ways to do it. If you already have a favorite and proven conditioner, feel free to use it. If not, try to find the right product for your hair type.

This device does not have to be expensive, on the contrary. According to many reviews, it becomes clear that each hair is individual and what is ideal for one girl may not like others.

The selection of funds will be carefully considered and some simple rules will be followed:

  • Do not buy deep conditioners or conditioners. They usually contain many cationic substances that can adversely affect the cleansing of the hair. Too many of them will lead to curls after the operation becoming dirtier faster and stronger.
  • Give the salmon a light effect, not a thick texture.
  • Try to avoid products that contain silicone and sulfates. Silicone makes the hair significantly heavier and clogs pores, but sulfates affect the structure of the hair and scalp and dry them out. In addition, it is very difficult to wash them completely. Research the ingredients and do not use those products that have something that ends in a “cone” on the labels.
  • Pay attention to healing supplements, it can be herbal or fruit combinations that will have a positive effect on the health and beauty of curls.

There are many types of ointments, but the most popular are the following products: Garnier “Strength and Recovery” ointments, Planet organic series of ointments without silicone, Planet organic ointments for hair restoration, “Granny Agafia” ointment series, cream masks based on “Home Recipes” vegetable ingredients, silicone ointments and conditioners from Shauma and L’Oreal.

In addition to traditional products, there are also specialized products specifically for washing products from the as I am co-wash series, which are ideal for this method but are still not widely used in our country.

How to wash your hair with hair ointment

To get the most out of co-growth, you need to wash your hair properly with ointment or conditioner, follow all the steps and take into account the structure and type of hair.

The whole approval process is divided into several stages:

  • Carefully comb the entire length of the hair before the operation.
  • Moisten all curls completely with water from root to tip, making sure there are no dry spots.
  • If your hair is too thick, use clips or bobbin pins to divide it into many sections.
  • Use conditioner or ointment carefully, you need a decent amount and this is another argument for a favorable product.
  • Use your fingers to rub it into your hair and spread it all the way along.
  • Use a wide, spread tooth comb to work through the hair from root to tip.
  • Massage the scalp carefully and rub it into the hair again.
  • Rinse off the ointment, be sure to rinse the curls in clean water several times. In fact, due to the cationic substances in the conditioner, it will simply attract dirt and dust if it is on the hair.
  • Dry your head, preferably without the use of electrical appliances.
  • Payment after confirmation.

If you have curls with a thick structure, then washing will only be salvation, because it is for them that it is most suitable. Many girls say that they have completely abandoned shampoo and use only conditioner.

Curly curls usually suffer from a lack of moisture, because due to the wave structure it is difficult for it to reach the ends. Washing your hair with ointment will correct this condition. Such people should apply this method after 3-5 days or longer, depending on the contamination.

Light, straight, and thin hair is also sometimes hilarious in style and is characterized by dryness; therefore they are shown growing together, but less often than the first two groups. That’s why I wash my head with conditioner once a week or two, alternating with shampoo.

The result of washing your hair with conditioner

The results can please you right after the first procedure: unruly hair that was difficult to style will be more flexible for style and comb. To strengthen and improve the effect, perform co-growth as many times a week as you want. This can only be confirmed experimentally.

You are doing everything right if:

  • The hair is clean enough and looks good.
  • They give off a pleasantly light scent of perfume composition, which is present in almost any product.
  • It has become much easier to style them, and they have become more obedient.
  • The curls began to retain more moisture and became stiffer and more pleasant to the touch.
  • You will not experience any discomfort, such as swelling or itching in the scalp after the operation.

But it also happens that after the curls have been washed, the results do not satisfy you: you find that the hair is not fully cleaned, it hangs like “hailstones” after combing and drying, it may seem too “heavy”, there is itching in the scalp sometimes after waxing.

In such cases, try the following options to improve the result:

  • Rinse your hair better; do not rinse the product off completely.
  • Change the ointment or conditioner you used, maybe the right product will change the result to a positive one.
  • Try alternating washing with regular shampoo.
  • Ointment shampoo may not work for your hair type, but try all the previous options before giving up.


Properly applying the same growth method and choosing the right product for your hair type will allow you to forget about harmful shampoos forever.

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