Seven things you should know before getting your eyebrows tattooed

BROWS are big business these days. Literally. We’ve all binned our tweezers and said goodbye to the pencil thin era of the early noughties and are now after brows to rival Cara Delevinge’s.

Not content with HD treatments and mastering tutorials, many are now dabbling in semi permanent makeup procedures in the quest for Instagram worthy brows.

Before you take the plunge and get your eyebrows inked, here’s everything you need to know; from the tattoo aftercare involved to how to choose where you go to get them done.

Choose your artist wisely

If you think hiring a professional tattoo artist is expensive, just wait until you use an amateur. Yes, semi permanent makeup is one of the things in life, like vodka, where the cheapest option doesn’t always produce the best results. You don’t have to go to the priciest place on the market but you should be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. Just a few minutes on Google will reveal all the horror stories of people scarred and marked from trusting a dodgy artist. Take some time when researching your decision; look at their portfolio of previous clients, read as many reviews as possible and ask as many questions you need answering before you feel confident with your choice.

Think about what look you’re going for

Have you ever been in the hairdressers and had them lob it all off on a whim, only to be mortified when you’re stuck with a dodgy mullet for a few months? Well imagine the pain for up to two years if you make an error when deciding what brows you want.

While you may love your brows thick and dark when you’re sporting a full face of makeup and a smokey eye, are they going to suit your day to day look? If you favour an au natural look more days than others then it may be worth going for a lighter shade? Remember, you can always add more if you change your mind but you can’t go back if you over do it the first time.

Prepare yourself for the pain.

The good news? It hurts far less than a regular tattoo. The not so good news? It will sting a little. But hey, a one off treatment that lasts two years hurts far less than regular threading and waxing so think of it as an investment for a pain free future.

BrowsKnow what’s involved afterwards

Just like getting some ink on your skin, having your brows tattooed requires a level of tattoo aftercare. The main issue to be aware of it that you can’t get your brows wet for over a week so not to risk them losing any pigment, (so it may not wise to book your appointment the week before your holiday.) You should also be prepared for a few days of flaking and scabbiness so again, consider when you have them done – you don’t want to show up to your sister’s wedding with your eyebrows shedding all over the place.

It will take time to get used to them.

Like when you first get a fringe and spend a few days being shocked every time you catch your reflection, it may take a little while to get used to your new flawless brows. In a good way, of course.

It’s only semi permanent.

When you think of tattoos you automatically assume they will be permanent but eyebrow tattooing, actual only last up to two years. So don’t expect just one visit to the tattoo shop will ensure your brow game is still strong when you’re sat in a nursing home.

The pros of the procedure lasting no longer than two years means you can change your eyebrows to suit your face as it changes over the years.

Be ready to have some extra time on your hands.

Once your fabulous new brows have healed you’ll be able to fully appreciate the beauty of never having to draw on your eyebrows each morning. No money spent on pricey palettes, no more worrying about your brows ending up half way down your face during your face during your workout – just on fleek brows, no effort required.

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