The perfect Christmas Perfume: Dandelion Fig by Shay & Blue

image9I NEVER thought a natural perfume could be as powerful, fragrant and long-lasting as Shay & Blue’s Dandelion Fig fragrance.

Splash it on over your pulse points in the morning and every time you move your head you get a heady note of dandelion fig aroma encircle your sense. It’s warm and fragrant with top notes of lemongrass and dandelion, middle notes of juniper and tomato leaf and a base note of fig leaf.

Shay & Blue are a handcrafted perfumers from East London. The official information says this: “Creators Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé have a vision to uphold the age-old and traditional craft of fine perfumery. A commitment to create fragrances of quality by championing a new generation of craftsmen. By nurturing their expertise.

“London-based expert craftsmen and women take delivery of the precious distilled fragrance oils from Grasse. In their fine fragrance atelier in East London, they mix the oils to the correct temperature. The blends are left to stand… to mature for over three months. For richness and depth.

“Later, filling carefully, by hand, into exquisite smoky blue glass. Hand harvesting. Hand weighing. Hand distilling. With a level of passion care, and attention that mass-production can’t rival.”

Now that I love this perfume so much, I’m SUPER curious to try out the rest of their range which includes the mysteriously-named Framboise Noire, Blood Oranges and Watermelon. I love fruity and citrusy fragrances, so I’m really curious to try out the rest of this artisan range.

Buy Shay & Blue for £55, here.


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