Getting into the Christmas Spirits with Balblair

I’VE been in the festive mood for weeks now, and as the big day approaches it’s time to start tucking into the Christmas spirits!

A new addition to my collection is the single malt offering from Balblair. It’s a ‘vintage’ expression rather than other distilleries who create to specific ages. This is really interesting in whisky terms as it’s a pretty modern and fresh approach to whisky making. This particular expression was laid down in 2005,  and then it was bottled when the Balblair distillery manager believes it was ready – last year.

Distiller manager John MacDonald explains: “We take a complementary approach between age itself and the character of a whisky. Where the natural process and human judgment come together at precisely the right moment. You see, for the perfect Vintage whisky, timing is everything.”

The Balblair website explains it really well here. So far, so interesting.

The box is a beautiful blue with two fold out doors which open up to reveal the honey-coloured whisky inside. I love this whisky as it’s not artificially coloured (did you know that most whiskies are?) and the colour is stunning – a beautiful amber which invites you to pour a dram.

I definitely think that the quirky design of the packaging, the distinctive bottle and the stunning colour combine to make a really premium product.

Taste-wise, this vintage, created at the distillery in Edderton which was established in 1790, was matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels. And I can confirm that it’s pretty perfect for Christmas with notes of citrus, chocolate and orange. YUM!

Buy Balblair whisky, here.

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