The hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner: Fudge Clean Blonde 

HAVING bleached hair isn’t an easy thing to upkeep

I love the way it looks but after about five months of all-over bleach, it’s probably the last time I can ask the hairdresser to slap on the peroxide. My locks are breaking off and despite me using plenty of expensive conditioners, nothing is going to reverse the damage. Back to highlights from now on methinks.

So whilst I’ve had bleached blonde hair I’ve tried out loads of purple toned shampoos. Some, I have loved and some haven’t worked for me. Unfortunately Fudge is one that has made my hair look decidedly dodgy. 

I tried out their (alarmingly) purple toned shampoo in a bid to keep brassiness at bay. I even stuck with using it for about 6 weeks when I should have ditched it after the first use. It imparted wayyyy too much toner onto my hair and left it grey in tone. It’s not a good sign when people compliment your ‘grey hair’ at work when you know that you haven’t been aiming for that look!! 

Combine this with the fact that my hairdresser had left my roots rather golden as they hadn’t left the bleach on long enough and you suddenly have this combination of gold roots and silver-grey ends! Arghhh!

I’ve chucked our Fudge’s Clean Blonde shampoo and conditioner and have found a much better alternative for my hair – review coming soon. 

Fudge Clean Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is available for around a tenner, here

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