Embracing the dark side with Black Lace Rabbit blush

I LOVE a little sense of magic when it comes to beauty products and this blush from Lipstick Queen doesn’t disappoint.

It appears black… but applies as a sheer purple. Ta-dah!

I can’t quite understand why they didn’t use this formula for the lipstick version, instead opting for a sheer black which is virtually unwearable. The blush however is highly wearable and a great shade for winter.

I don’t usually wear a cream blush in winter, but for this one I’d make an exception. The plum shade is really special and adds a berry tint to your make up look. You can see that it has a gold shimmer shot through it.

Plus – the name! It’s awesome. Quality-wise, it’s everything that you’d expect from Lipstick Queen. Always a treat and worth the money.

Buy Black Lace Rabbit for £22, here.

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