Pumpkin Gnocchi… perfect for Halloween!

HALLOWEEN is the perfect time to get into the party spirit – and that includes everything from a eye-catching costume, to spooky themed drinks and scarily tasty food! 

To get into the right frame of mind this year, I’ve been eating pumpkin gnocchi as the perfect Halloween-themed alternative to traditonal potato gnocchi.

Slight sweeter than its traditional counterpart, I made a beef bolognese to go with it, and it went down a treat! Not necessarily one for when you are on a diet, but such amazing comfort food which really hits the spot.

If you are a fright night fan, then this is definitely one to try and I’ll definitely be adding it to my basket again.

UGO pumpkin gnocchi is available in Waitrose, and costs less than a fiver.

Happy Halloween!

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