Shopping for swimwear post pregnancy

SHOPPING for swimwear after having a baby is a daunting thought to many of us. There are lumps and bumps which are just nigh-on-impossible to get rid of after giving birth, and getting used to your new body can take a while to adjust.  For bustier or curvier woman, looking for swimwear can be a bit deflating. Physical on-site shopping is not only time-consuming, but it also produces “fitting room dread”, which may be the most difficult part of the shopping experience. Also, regular stores never seem to carry what you are looking for, and if you do luck out and find a plus size swimsuit, it is likely a matronly looking black shroud. Either plus size swimsuits cover up too much, or they are made to look like a tent. Swimwear should look sexy, no matter what your size, and plus size swimsuits should be flattering for a woman with a plus size body. If the legs are cut just high enough, but not too revealing, it can create a super sexy look, while shorts and a long tank top (tankani) is both flattering and comfortable. You can also add a number of cover-up accessories to go from beach to bar with no trouble. Some might say that the best place to find plus size swimwear is online, where you can shop at your leisure, and at the same time get the latest fashion trends delivered to your front door. Some online retailers like swimsuitsforall have body type calculators to help you choose the right fit for your body. If you have wide hips/ larger thighs, a one-piece fits best; if you have a small bust, use bright colors; if you have a short torso, try v-necks; a long torso should try high cut legs; and hourglass figures should draw attention to the waist. When you shop for plus size swimsuits for women from swimsuitsforall, you know that your personal needs and body type are being taken into consideration — which helps make for a better shopping experience. Colour should not be an issue either. Many department stores stick to subdued colors. Although blue, black and brown make one look slimmer, today’s trends favor vibrant color blocking and floral patterns. Intersecting backs, also tend to make the torso look longer. If you are tired of going into stores that don’t cater to your needs, online retailers are there to take the worry away. By shopping online, you will find exactly what you need in every contemporary color and style.

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