Baby massage & the launch of Tiny Rituals 

img_7174.jpgBEFORE becoming a mum I used to attend lots of press launches, but since becoming a mum it’s one of the things I desperately miss. 

It’s not easy to get out and about when you have a baby and so I was delighted when one of my favourite beauty brands Rituals invited me AND my baby to the launch of their new mum & kids’ range Tiny Rituals.

Not only was I going to get real human contact (I love my 10 month old but his conversation skills are a bit lacking) I was simultaneously going to spend some quality time bonding with my babe using the gorgeous Rituals range by giving him a baby massage.

I arrived at the ME Hotel in Central London, looking forward to a morning of beauty chit chat, croissants and coffee as well as meeting  a gorgeous gang of mamas who all work in the beauty industry as well as having children.

img_7167.jpgBaby massage was… errr, well the word disaster would probably cover it. Recently Rafa has decided that he absolutely hates lying on his back and will HOWL (I mean seriously lose his sh*t) if he’s put in this position. So while stripping him off and slathering him in gorgeous smelling Tiny Rituals Massage Oil, Rafa was slipping out of my hands and crawling away on a serious mission to grab all the lovely looking products from the Tiny Rituals range.

After bribing him with mouthfuls of croissant, a bottle of milk, cuddles and a nappy change to finally stop his screeches and wriggles away from my arms I finally co-erced him into lying still enough for me to actually massage him limbs, but, despite all the other mothers looking like they were having a wonderful time, I think I can add baby massage onto the list of things that Rafa doesn’t seem to enjoy: soft play, the swings at the park… and now baby massage!

However, I WILL be using the gorgeous range from Tiny Rituals which includes a soft and silky anti-stretch mark & tummy cream (I’m not preggers at the moment but it’s so sumptuous I can’t resist using it), an Ultra Milk Baby Hair & Body Wash, a Mild & Caring Massage Oil (ohh, why can’t Rafa enjoy baby massage!), a baby room & linen mist.

I go on and on and on about Rituals to my friends, and really think it’s one of Britain’s most under-rated beauty brands. I LOVE IT! And I love love love that they now have a mum and baby range – there is such a lack of luxe beauty products for new mums and I’ll definitely be investing in this for all my mama friends.

Tiny Rituals launches in store from June 13th.



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