Spring refresh! Sprucing up our pad with Rituals’ Mini Under A Fig Tree Fragrance Sticks

I CAN’T say that I’m a naturally tidy person, but I do like making my house look neat by chucking stuff in boxes and hiding them away and putting lots of lovely smelling candles and reed diffusers around the house.

This fig reed diffuser is so powerful that I could smell the fragrance even when I wasn’t in the same room. I love it so much that I’ve take it into the bedroom at night so that we have a lovely scent while we sleep and then I bring it back out into the living room in the morning!

I’m using the mini one that is designed for special occasions, so it cites that it has a shelf life of around three weeks. However, I’ve already been scouring the internet for refills and I can confirm you buy top ups for when it expires. Hurrah! I love the idea of having a dinner party and have a special fragrance to go with the night. Smell is such an evocative way of remembering a certain memory – my university years are brought back as soon as I have a whiff of Issey Miyake and CK One reminds me of a crazy stalker I picked up when I was about 16 (so I can’t deal with it anymore!)

Before I had a child all my daydreams pretty much revolved around travelling the world, lazing around in the sunshine and drinking cocktails. More recently they’ve revolved around owning our own house complete with a dishwasher, a Dyson vacuum, a roll top bath, a garden and lots of storage space so that I can have a lovely neat house.

Ahh well. Not yet. But one day. And in the mean time, I have my Rituals fragrance sticks to make me feel amazing.

Rituals’ Mini Under A Fig Tree Fragrance Sticks can be bought here for £14.50.


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