In Praise of Cheap Perfumes

THERE’S a lot to love about expensive perfumes. I love the potency, the way you get wafts of heady fragrance throughout the day and the luxe way that they make you feel after you apply them to your pulse points. 

However, there is something to be said for the place of the cheap perfume.

They are no longer the tacky, embarrassing sickly fragrances of the early 90s, and they have improved quite considerably. In fact, a recent article revealed how Lidl were making Chanel-a-like perfumes which people could not differentiate between in a blind test.

My favourites are the zesty, citrus scents which are based around fruity notes make you feel really fresh.

My current faves (such as The Body Shop and So… Rio?) are all under a tenner meaning that you can get a bit of a lift in the morning and still be able to afford to go out at the weekend.

A new perfume AND a few gins on a Saturday night? Can’t say better than that!


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