Squeaky Clean Spring Skin

IT’S a lovely feeling to have squeaky clean skin before your head hits the pillow and there’s nothing more irritating than using an expensive cleanser which doesn’t remove your make-up. 

To combat this, Erno Lazlo have a pre-cleanser in their range that opens up pores and prepares the skin for a deep cleanse. However, it’s not cheap at £47 for a bottle. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of a double cleanse as, if you think logically, it makes sense to clean your skin from make-up and grime and then actually CLEAN the skin… much as you would remove surface stains from a garment and then give it a proper clean.

One product that does everything (and is just the best cleanser of all time) is Melvita’s Milky Cleansing Oil which removes all traces of make-up, grime and leaves your skin incredibly clean and in such great condition even with a tiny amount of product. I love it.

Elsewhere Clinique and Susanne Kaufmann have cleansing oils on offer which are kind to the skin which retail for between £20 – £40. This may seem a tad expensive for some, but I would always invest in a decent cleanser, as it’s such an important part of your beauty routine.

Here’s our pick of the best face oils for spring:

Left to right:

  1. Susanne Kaufmann Face Oil £40
  2. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil, £22
  3. Erno Lazlo Pre Cleansing Oil, £47
  4. Melvita Milky Cleansing Oil, £20

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