Grapefruit: The best scent for Spring?

AT LAST! The hot weather is here and LONG MAY IT CONTINUE!

I’m feeling in such a springtime mood at the minute, I’m cleaning our flat (very unusual behaviour for me), putting all my winter clothes away (goodbye opaque tights! See you in October!) and I’m totally obsessed with using zesty, citrusy fragrances for all my body and home products.

I absolutely love grapefruit, from eating it, drinking it mixed with a slug of vodka or as a top note in body wash, body spray, perfume, lip balms and room sprays. I’ve even got my fiancé in on the action spritzing him with Ted Baker’s new Travel Tonic (we’ll definitely be taking this to France with us) in CU which not only has the best packaging I’ve EVER seen, but has a  rich blend of zingy grapefruit and smoky pepper, contrasted with base notes of patchouli.

Some of my favourite grapefruit products don’t break the bank either – from Body Fantasties Pink Grapefruit Body Spray which is tangy and sweet and pretty strong for a spray that costs under stock-photo-60177300-grapefruit-slices-isolated-on-white-background-with-clipping-patha fiver. I’m layering it on every morning at the moment. Barry M has a brilliantly luscious pink Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint for under £4 and Burt’s Bees – SUCH a great brand – has a lip balm that has a wonderful aroma of grapefruit as well as a soft and smooth lip shimmer.

On the more luxe end of the scale Ren products just burst with quality and they have a stunning Body Wash with Neroli and Grapefruit for a rather reasonable £16 (definitely treat yourself to this one). Temple Spa have a brilliantly potent body and room spray (is this combo a new trend? I’ve seen it a couple of times) that you spritz over your body AND your house to make it smell gorgeous all day. For those who want to splash their cash even further, Byredo Perfumes Rose Noir has top notes of grapefruit but it comes in at a eye-watering £135…

Here’s our pick of the best zesty products for Spring.

Clockwise from top left

  1. Body Fantasies Pink Grapefruit Fantasy, £3.99
  2. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Grapefruit, £3.99
  3. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit, £3.99
  4. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Grapefruit, £5.99
  5. Ted Baker Travel Tonic in CU, £25
  6. Byredo Parfums Rose Noir, £135
  7. Temple Spa Spiritude Body Mist Spray, £24
  8. Ren Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash, £16

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