The best High Street sunnies

YOU know that feeling when you’re a bit skint and you think that you’ll save some money for a while, and then you can NOT stop thinking about shopping and all the nice clothes and things you want to buy? Yeah, that. 

So since I’ve decided to be a bit thrifty, all I can think about is how much I need a new pair of sunglasses.

Window shopping is almost as much fun as real shopping, and so I’ve been scouring the High Street looking for a decent pair of sunnies to suit a small budget.

Did you know that Primark do sunnies for under a fiver?! I mean, WTF?! It makes me query how ethically they can be produced for such an incredibly cheap rate, and I’m super curious to see them in store, but a brand new pair of sunnies for £3?! I mean, that’s perfect for festival season when you are bound to lose about 10 zillion pairs and need to grab some more for the next festival.

Elsewhere, Topshop have some really cool styles, and I’m totally obsessed with this cat eye look.

Sunnies, I feel though, are something that you HAVE to try on in store, as what looks cool on a website, sometimes looks completely bananas once you have actually tried them out.

Here are our top picks of High Street sunnies to suit a modest budget.

Clockwise from top left

  1. John Lewis Chunky Cat’s Eye sunglasses, £20
  2. Primark Hello Sunshine sunglasses, £3
  3. Topshop Spike Metal sunglasses, £18
  4. Topshop Sahara cateye sunglasses, £18
  5. Topshop Swoosh Wayfarer sunglasses, £18
  6. Primark Pearl Effect Round Sunglasses, £3

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