Love, Love Love these Leggings by Pertz

I’VE been a freelance journalist for over ten years. I started off writing music reviews for a magazine called 3D World when I moved to Australia at the age of 22, and have never looked back. 

The other day one of my friends asked me ‘how do you write a review about something that you don’t like’ and there is a definite skill to how you explain the good points of a product, while you make it clear that unfortunately it wasn’t quite right for you.

IMG_3339However, one of the joys of reviewing is when an item is just so brilliant, that you can just pour your enthusiasm into your review and the article writes itself. Pertz leggings are definitely a prime example of this. I am SO pleased to report that they are brilliant, and something I would genuinely recommend to all my new mummy friends.

I was totally naive when I thought that my body would just ‘bounce’ back after I had a baby. I have no idea why I thought that, but secretly I’m still hoping it’ll do a bit of a bounce. Trying to lose weight when you have a little baby with your 24/7 is not easy. Do not believe people when they say the weight melts off! It doesn’t! And it hasn’t for any of my friends. However, when you have a small, healthy, happy baby, WHO CARES if you are carrying a few extra pounds. Seriously – nothing matters more than your little baby and even if it takes a year to get back into the shape you were in before you had your little bub, your family’s health is just the most important thing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.51.04In saying all this – it’s definitely something to get used to, so a little help from comfortable shape wear that can smooth out the lumps and bumps? YES PLEASE! And this is where Pertz steps in.

These leggings are designed by Caroline Hyde after she couldn’t find the kind of leggings she was after on the High Street – something that retained its shape, didn’t sag, was flattering and helped sculpt your body a little.

I’ve been super impressed with Pertz. They are ridiculously comfortable and they do live up to the claim of improving your confidence. I feel much better knowing that I have a little help going on under my cosy oversized jumper to make me feel like I’m getting back to the way I looked before having my gorgeous baby.

Pertz are £45, and available here.

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