Best sandals for the summer

WITH the cold weather finally beginning to ease, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your summer wardrobe is filled with stylish clothing.

Your choice of footwear should be the first thing you look at, as closed-toe shoes have to be considered a no-go when the first heatwave inevitably arrives across the nation. Instead, let your feet have their time in the sun with these cool sandals:

Slide flat sandals

Best time to wear them: When comfort is the most important feature for your choice of footwear.

Reasons why: Slip into a pair of slide flat sandals and your feet will remain comfortable, no matter if you’re planning to enjoy a relaxing walk along a beach while on holiday or heading out to the shops nearer to home on a sunny day. Shop for your flat sandals from a well-known footwear store like Brantano and you’ll have a huge choice of styles to select from too.


Best time to wear them: When you like to enjoy the sun with a long walk.

Reasons why: So long as you aren’t planning on hiking up a mountain, we advise you leave your walking boots at home when going for a long stroll while the weather is fine. Instead, give your feet space to breath with a pair of Birkenstock sandals. The footwear offers incredible arch support, while their heel cups are deep, which cradles your feet in total comfort.

Block heels

Best time to wear them: When you’re heading from the office to the bar.

Reasons why: With their chunky heels and adjustable ankle straps, block heels stand out for being sturdy and versatile. As a result, they are smart enough to be worn to the office but are also fashionable enough to complete an outfit if you’ve planned for a night out.

Kids’ Crocs

Best time to wear them: When lounging around the pool.

Reasons why: Crocs and sandals could very well be a match made in heaven when your children are looking to use your hotel pool and make a big splash. Their plastic straps make them really soft to wear, while their multi-coloured designs will give their holiday outfits a fun vibe.




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