My new haircare routine feat. Pimps & PinUps and Duck & Dry

img_6770-1.jpgI’VE come across quite a few great hair products lately, and these three items – from Pimps & PinUps and Duck & Dry – join the line-up of superstar products on my shelf. 

Blow Tone from Pimps & PinUps was one of those products that I whacked on my hair, not really thinking anything of it. It promises to tone up your blonde hair (and the product itself is violet) as well as the usual promises of protecting your locks from the daily task of blow drying it under intense heat.

Well, it turns out – it bloody works! I didn’t really notice the difference, but I posted a pic on Instagram after using it and got a load of comments about how blonde my hair was… and when I looked at the snaps I’d taken that day… they were RIGHT! My hair had totally lightened in tone and was looking much lighter and healthier.

This is now part of my routine when drying my hair, and I love it.

As well as trying out Blow Tone, I’ve also been lucky enough to try out Duck & Dry’s new range which includes Instant TLC – a lightweight leave-in conditioner – and Blow Dry In A Bottle – a mega volume spray – and they are both bloody brilliant!

Again, I’ve tried out leave-in conditioners before and they have generally been a bit crap and not worth the bother. I’ve never seen any miraculous results, and generally not bothered to keep it up after any initial trial period of the product. However, Duck & Dry’s offering is lightweight, sprays on in a fine mist, smells great and actually makes my hair feel really conditioned and fresh. Very impressed. Plus, the bottles of this range look so super cool! The Volume Spray is just as good – it isn’t heavy and sticky, it’s light and clings to the hair and gives a little boost to make your ‘do slightly malleable and styled.

I love a new beauty routine to make myself feel fab, and these three are my new go-to to make my hair look tip top.

Just don’t ask me about my dark roots…

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