The Review: RMK Skintuner Smoother

THERE’S such a a lot of choice available when it comes to slathering products onto your face. 

Back in the 90s when I was a teen, it was all about ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ (and I never got into that either, tbh) but nowadays there are so many products that you can apply morning noon and night, and the list is ever growing!

A new trend that seems to be emerging are a range of beauty ‘waters’ which you apply as part of your morning routine with serum and moisturiser. They have the consistency of a, er, water, but with a slight glucose texture that sinks in once you apply.

RMK’s Skintuner Smoother was launched a few years ago, but is one of the latest to join the fold after being reformulated. With a super liquidy texture (first time I tried it I poured out wayyyyy too much!) it’s ingredients include a blend of apricot and hibiscus.  Lovely.

It’s designed to add moisture to your skin and minimise any pesky large pores. I’ve never experienced trouble with my pores, but my skin is always thirsty and drinks up any kind of moisturising lotion I apply to it. It’s also supposed to exfoliate, but I can’t really see this side of it. The texture is smooth to me, and you don’t wash it off so unclear on the exfoliating properties. Apparently AHA complex works some wonders on this front!

In regards to adding this into your beauty routine, I would apply this before a decent serum and moisturiser. When it comes to facial skincare, don’t even bother skimping and buying cheapy products. There are so many brilliant products on the market for a reasonal price, invest a little bit and ensure you get ones that sink into the skin quickly rather than slick on and create an oily barrier.

RMK Skintuner Smooth is available for £32.


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