Pregnancy beauty: stretch mark oils

AVOIDING stretch marks is one of the top beauty worries towards the end of a pregnancy and there is a few key products that I’ve been applying onto my baby bump (and the rest of my body) every morning and night. 

First up, I have become completely addicted to Melvita’s L’Or Rose Firming Oil (review here) which I really believe had nourished and tightened my skin as well as having the perfect consistency to generously spray on, rub in and dry within seconds so you can get dressed without delay in the morning. When pregnant, getting dressed can be a battlefield so any beauty product that helps not hinders this process is a blessing!! 

It’s actually made to combat cellulite so isn’t specifically designed for baby bumps so some may wish to avoid, but personally I love it. I’m already almost through a whole bottle and will invest in another one to use once baby has popped out. It’s the best! 

Top tip – don’t forget to apply to any area of skin that might be expanding including your boobs! Pesky stretch marks can strike… anywhere! 

Another oil that I love is Burt’s Bees’ Mama Bee oil. Rather than a spray it’s a pot that you then pour the liquid out into your palm then apply to your body. It’s really amazing and smells wonderfully of lemons. It’s not quite as ‘dry’ as Melvita’s oil, so I apply it before bed and it sinks in quickly enough that I can go straight to sleep in my nice cotton sheets. It’s also on the more affordable side of the scale and so I highly recommend stocking up as budgets are important when expecting a new addition to your family! 

The most famous oil that helps the prevention (and cure) of stretch marks is Bio Oil. I’ve used this a couple of times but be warned – it’s a very slippery, oily texture and has a tendency to sit on the skin rather than sink in, so be careful with your clothes and sheets. Because of this reason, I’ve struggled to find a practical time to use it and so I’ve favoured my other oils in the battle of the stretch marks!

Finally I’ve also wanted to moisturise really, really well and so have mixed the above mentioned products with Melvita’s L’Argan Bio Body Cream – which has the traditional thick consistency of a moisturiser. Again, a huge plus point is that it sinks in quickly and feels sooo super luxurious and we all know that Argan Oil works some kind of voodoo magic on skin and hair. 

What products have you used on your baby bump?
Melvita’s L’Or Rose Firming Oil is £30 for 100ml

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil is £10.99 (on sale now for £7.33 at Boots) 

Bio Oil is £14.99 for 125ml.

Melvita L’Argan Bio Body Cream is £19.00 for 175ml. 

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