Latest Trends in Hair Color

Hair color services offer a wider range of trendy looks to their clients. Millennial clients are more likely to seek ombre, glossing, and fashion shades than older ones. Most of these clients seek color when they need a touch-up, while 40% go for a new look because they want a fresh look. The latest trends and timing influence another 35% of respondents. Lastly, 8% of respondents are influenced by new products or specials.

Vivid Colors

Vivid colors are hair color trends that are becoming more common. This trend is mainly based on bright fashion colors that aren’t naturally present in a person’s hair. These colors can be applied to all hair types, regardless of thickness or texture. But, all hair must first be pre-lightened before the vibrant color can be applied. Even though vivid colors may not be attainable for all clients, they are worth trying.


Ash-blonde hair color is one of the latest trends in hair color, but there are certain factors you should consider before undergoing this look. First, you should know that this shade of blonde lacks any warmth, so it’s a good idea to add some highlights to your strands. Also, you can opt for lowlights and ash-blonde shades with a warmer undertone. Finally, adding highlights to your ash-blonde tresses is a great way to accentuate your curls and create a natural pattern.

Second, you should be aware that ash-blonde can easily wash out if it’s not done correctly. While ash blonde is flattering for most women, it may not look so good on dark-skinned women. Moreover, this color requires a lot of bleaching, which can harm your hair’s vitality. To achieve a flawless ash blonde finish, you should consult a hairdresser.


Consider blue or black for those looking for fresh and striking hair color. It’s a deep and striking color that’s not easy to remove, but it’s also very easy to maintain, especially if you have dark-featured hair. Blue-black hair also goes well with blunt cuts and is easy to style with a shine spray.

You can even buy blue-black hair dye and add it to your hair! However, you should know that this style requires special care, especially when it comes to heat protection.

Purple Shampoo

While it might look stunning, purple shampoos can be harsh on the hair. Moreover, they may stain the bathtub. If you want a subtle look, you should try to use purple shampoo only once a week. Then, you can alternate with a color-protecting shampoo.

Purple shampoo is available in salons and at-home color care products. This color is popular among those with pale-toned blonde hair, as it neutralizes brassy tones.

Low-Maintenance Colors

Low-maintenance hair color services are a great option for those who want a hair color that won’t require regular maintenance. These new trends include ombre hair colors, which allow hair to grow back naturally and still look “up-to-date.” This option is great for people who want to color their hair but don’t want to go to the salon every few weeks.

A balayage hair color service uses free-hand painting techniques to add highlights to hair. This technique creates a gradual transition of lightness from the roots to the ends of the hair. The result is a look that is soft and natural-looking and one that requires no frequent touch-ups.

Latest Trends in Hair Color
Latest Trends in Hair Color

Personalized Service

Personalized hair color services let you chat with a colorist and get tips and tricks for coloring your hair at home. The service requires you to create an account and answer a few questions about your hair. After that, you’ll be connected to a hair stylist via camera. The colorist will then create a custom dye kit for at-home use. The kit includes a formula, a cream developer, a painting brush, and customized application instructions.

While the professional hair-care market has experienced ups and downs in recent years, there are positive signs for the industry. Growth is expected in the industry through 2022, with service revenues soaring by 23%.

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