Cayman Islands Dive Guide

Professional diving instructors or PADI write dive guides. They give you a detailed account of what you’ll experience underwater. They are useful tools for various purposes, guiding you to safe dive locations. They can also give you tips and information about specific dive locations, such as Devil’s Grotto or Eden Rock.

Eden Rock

Whether a first-time or experienced diver, an Eden Rock Cayman Islands dive guide can help you make the most of your experience. The dive center offers a variety of dives, including guided dives, instructional dives, and learn-to-dive courses. In addition, certified divers can choose from a one-tank, two-tank, or refresher dive. The first dive lasts about an hour and a half, while the second is a little longer than the first.

The dive site features several caverns and tunnels. The water is relatively shallow, with a top of about 15 feet. It is possible to snorkel over the top of the reef, but you’ll probably want to stick to the shallower sections. It’s also a good idea to bring a dive light because the underwater photo opportunities are fantastic. Other creatures that make great subjects for photo studies include glassy sweepers and tiny silverside fish. Lobsters, crabs, and groupers are also common.

Devils Grotto

The Devil’s Grotto is a beautiful place to dive. The water is warm, and the visibility is good year-round. This dive site is popular with beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. The Grotto is a great place to see the local wildlife and admire the abundance of coral and other underwater features. It is also a great place to take photos. It is recommended to bring light to the caves.

Devil’s Grotto is also home to Eden Rock, a popular dive site. Its coral formations are honeycombed and feature many small caves. This dive site also features tarpon, grouper, and silversides.


With over 365 dive sites, the Cayman Islands has become one of the premier diving destinations in the world. Whether you are looking for a beginner’s dive or want to learn more advanced techniques, the Cayman Islands will provide you with the dive experience of a lifetime.

Stingray City is one of the most popular dive sites in the Cayman Islands. Situated in the North Sound, this site is a 40-minute boat ride from shore. You can observe southern stingrays as they glide past you in small schools.

Cayman Islands Dive Guide
Cayman Islands Dive Guide

MV Capt. Keith Tibbets

If you’re looking for a dive tour in the Cayman Islands, you should consider diving with MV Captain Keith Tibbets. It is an old Russian frigate that was scuttled on the north shore of Cayman Brac in 1996. The ship was originally built for the Cuban Navy but was later renamed to honor its local dive guide.

The MV Captain Keith Tibbets is located on the northwest side of Cayman Brac, accessible by boat from Little Cayman. The frigate is 330 feet long and was originally constructed by the Soviet Union for the Cuban Navy. The Cayman Islands purchased the ship in the mid-1990s and renamed it MV Captain Keith Tibbetts. Diving excursions from the frigate start from the Cayman Brac Beach Resort and the Southern Cross Club.

Stingray City

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable dive experience in Grand Cayman, consider a trip to Stingray City. You can visit Stingray City by taking a guided tour. Many of these tours leave from the main resorts and cruise ship terminals. They are usually 2.5 to 3.5 hours long and include lunch, drinks, and stingray handling lessons.

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