Face concealer: Choosing a face concealer

Face concealer; how can I right choose? It is helpful for every girl to know the features and sensitivities when choosing such cosmetics as face correction. Every girl strives to look perfect, and various cosmetics and tricks are used for this purpose. Flawless and healthy skin is considered a traditional sign of a well-groomed woman. In addition, not every one of the fairer sex can boast of an impeccable condition of the skin on the face.

Cosmetic problems such as redness, irritation, enlarged pores, or unsightly circles under the eyes are common. With the help of a particular face correction, you can easily and quickly hide them. The most important thing is to choose the right concealer and learn how to use it to hide various skin imperfections.

Area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of the rectifier

The corrector will help to hide existing minor errors in appearance during makeup. This tool easily and quickly masks acne, redness, and other unpleasant appearance defects that can significantly spoil your mood. Makeup experts believe that the corrector is an essential cosmetic product that should be in every girl’s cosmetic bag due to its high performance.

It is recommended to use a facelift in the following cases:

  • To make enlarged pores invisible;
  • To hide age spots;
  • It helps to make the vascular system invisible;
  • Dark circles under the eyes are removed;
  • Small wrinkles are masked;
  • The skin gets a rest and a fresher look;
  • Uneven tan is corrected;
  • Elimination of the consequences of ineffective use of self-tanning;
  • Signs of allergy are hidden;
  • The complexion is balanced.

To always look perfect, you need to use such corrective cosmetics. When choosing a concealer for your face, consider that some manufacturers confuse the concept of concealer with concealer and refer to them as “correctors.” But there is a big difference between them – the concealer is an opaque product with a reasonably dense consistency, produced in neutral beige tones. The concealer helps to hide only minor imperfections and gives the skin a healthy color and evening tone.

At the same time, the corrector has a light consistency; a broader color palette is introduced. In the case of local use in specific areas, the cosmetic problem is wholly covered. This effect is achieved with color correction.

How to choose a face concealer – color matching functions

Human skin, in its unique composition, contains certain pigments that determine its tone. Before buying a concealer, you must correctly determine which shade is right for you. The purpose of this cosmetic is also taken into account.

When the corrector is chosen correctly, the treated area has an excellent opportunity to even out the skin tone, as the excess color is neutral. The corrector’s tablets have a variety of shades, which will help you choose the perfect device for yourself – green (base), pink, yellow, and several auxiliary tones.

Depending on the existing cosmetic problem and certain individual data, a specific color correction for the skin of the face is selected.

Corrector white

This product helps lighten darkened areas of the skin, masking freckles and age spots. It is recommended to choose a white correction for owners with fair skin.

You can use this tool for sculpting – while creating makeup, individual areas of the face are emphasized, drawing additional attention. White concealers can also be mixed in different proportions with other shades to lighten them.

Green color protection

A greenish concealer that helps remove redness from the skin. Correcting this shade becomes an almost priceless cosmetic product that allows very quickly to make redness and inflamed areas almost invisible. It can hide pimples and rashes, which can be allergic, and eliminate the vascular system on the face.

Corrective yellow

The yellow product helps lighten the skin’s darkening and removes purple and blue circles under the eyes. You can use it to hide bruises and bruises.

Before using a yellow corrector, consider that it will give your skin a warm tone. Suppose you need to have the perfect skin tone in natural daylight. In that case, using a face concealer with a light golden or yellow tint is recommended when doing your makeup.

Concealer pink

It is recommended to use a corrective cosmetic that contains a small amount of pink pigment for various skin tones. This shade helps to hide wrinkles, age spots, and brown or blue circles under the eyes. A transparent vein is reliably hidden. The most natural and natural corrector with a pink tint looks accurate under artificial lighting.

Corrections for beige tones

This tool helps to hide a dull complexion, the skin tone is evened out, and the traces of inflammation are also disguised. If necessary, you can use a beige concealer to hide the bruise. First, a corrector is applied to the bruise, after which a beige tone is applied.

Blue Concealer

Blue Shadow Corrector helps hide acne, redness, insect bites, dark circles under the eyes, and broken veins. At the same time, the skin gets a little radiance.

Lavender concealer

Light violet corrector helps remove unhealthy skin tone (greenish or yellowish). This tool reliably masks blood cells that appear in the form of rich yellow color.

Purple and purple concealer

Cosmetics in these shades help remove unhealthy yellowness. The corrector is recommended to remove uneven browns and hidden age spots.

Peach and orange concealer

It is recommended to use these shades for tanned and dark skin, thanks to which it gets a fresher and rested look. The concealer helps to hide bruises and dark circles under the eyes, often found in women with very dark skin.

Orange corrects by adding a red pigment, on top of which a foundation is applied, which helps to eliminate greyish, greenish, and painful complexions and rejuvenates aging skin.

Concealer with silvery pigment

The product helps to give the skin a “porcelain” tone under artificial light. This device is recommended for creating makeup for photography. However, it would help if you considered that the silver coating does not look very honest in natural daylight.

Bronze or gold covers

This cosmetic is recommended to give the skin a light golden tan and hide freckles.

If you need to hide dark circles under the eyes, it is worth choosing a corrector, the shade of which is as close to the foundation used as one tone lighter. In correcting a very light shade, the result will be the opposite – unnecessary increased attention is drawn to the highlighted area.

Variants of facelift

Professional makeup artists use a fairly broad palette of correctors in their work. To make perfect makeup yourself at home, it is enough to use only a few shades of the corrector, but their choice depends on the area where and for what purpose you will use this tool.

Liquid concealer

The product has a non-greasy water base and is consistent with a light foundation. This concealer is recommended for evening skin tones and for hiding fine expression lines.

The product is sold in jars with a special spatula or brush, in tubes, and the form of automatic pencils with a meeting at the end. After contact with skin, liquid concealer freezes almost instantly, so you must apply it as quickly and precisely as possible.

To facilitate the distribution of liquid concealer, it is recommended to use your fingers or a narrow brush. It is essential to blend the corrector evenly on the treated area. Otherwise, a beautiful spot will not appear on the face.

A reliable proofreader

It is produced as a stick or pencil, making it very convenient to use. This product resembles a thick lipstick in consistency, so it is easily applied to problem areas. The corrector is applied to the point, does not spread, and does not clog the skin folds.

Even if you don’t have the skills to apply makeup, applying a hidden concealer is straightforward. These products have a soft texture, which makes them much easier to use. The corrector contains unique care ingredients, so there is a noticeable improvement in the skin’s condition.

Dry concealer

You can purchase this product in compressed powder in a palette that simultaneously contains several natural dark and light shades. You must apply this corrector on top of the foundation after dusting and only on dry skin. If you neglect this advice, you will have to forget about high-quality shading. Dry concealer is also used in cases where you need to shape the face and use makeup techniques to bring its shape closer to the ideal.

Oil corrections

This type of corrector has a reasonably dense texture. If you use an oil concealer, you can quickly and reliably hide dark circles under the eyes, pigmentation, and other problem areas of the facial skin. It is very convenient to use this product, as it does not spread and lies in a dense layer on the skin.

Remember that a very high-quality concealer provides natural skin and the evenest coverage. Thanks to this cosmetic’s unique texture, the epidermis shade is evened out in the treated area. At the same time, the corrector is invisible, and the imitation of wrinkles is not emphasized. If you need to mask acne reliably, it’s essential to choose a cosmetic that contains antibiotics.

Choosing a face concealer
Choosing a face concealer

How to choose a face concealer – valuable tips

Suppose a facial skin corrector is used to hide minor appearance errors and prepare the epidermis for makeup. In that case, you should follow the following tips:

  • Tinted, oily, or liquid correctors should be applied to match and use solids on top of the base.
  • Suppose you must hide age spots or freckles by applying the corrector directly to problem areas. In that case, you need to use the minimum amount. Applying too much concealer can cause unsightly patches on the skin.
  • Before using the corrector, you need to prepare the skin properly. First, a moisturizer is applied and left on until completely absorbed.
  • You can mix toners and colorants to get the smoothest finish, but they should have a similar consistency. This coating becomes almost invisible on the skin of the face.
  • To make dark circles under the eyes invisible, choosing a product with an oily or liquid texture is recommended. The corrector is applied with a thin brush and spread gently over the skin’s surface with the fingertips, and then the face is lightly powdered.

While applying the correction, do not stretch the skin too much, as the product will lie unevenly, and ugly spots will appear on the face. It is best to apply the concealer with a soft brush and blend it with your fingertips.


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