Girls: Is It a Night In or Out?

BUSY lifestyles can make getting all your friends together tricky. It always seems like someone has previous engagements whenever most of you are free, so when one of those amazing nights comes around when everyone can get together, you want to make the most of it.

But what to do? A night out may seem like an obvious choice but, these days, this isn’t always the best option. Money is tight, queues are long and you don’t want to spend most of your night looking for the elusive toilet roll when you should be having fun.

Girls' night in

Girls’ night in


What women want

Ladbrokes Bingo conducted a survey to see whether women really prefer a night out rather than a night in and as it turns out, 70% of women said that they’d prefer a night in with the girls rather than a night on the tiles. We can definitely see why.

A night in is always the best option for catching up and finding out all of the latest gossip as you don’t have to content with the sound system. According to the survey, sex, relationships and men are the top topics on women’s agenda, with even career-driven women leaving job chat at the door – it’s all about fun after all!

Sometimes nights in can happen unexpectedly whilst getting ready for a night out – 33% of you have said this has happened for you! If you’re looking to organise a great night in, the survey would suggest that most of us would invite no more than eight friends.




What to do on a night in

Wine and cocktails are by far the best tipples for the evening, and you could even get experimental by creating your own. You can also put on a great movie or create an at-home spa for a really relaxing night.

A lot of people say they like to play games when they stay in, and we think this is a great idea if you’ve invited people that don’t know each other that well as it can break the ice! 49% of you said you’d play on the Wii or Kinect, but if you don’t have this kind of technology, board games like Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly are just as fun.

If you miss some of the vibes of a night out, you could create your own playlist and be your own DJs. Spotify playlists give you an unlimited selection of music for free so the sky’s the limit!

The list of possibilities are endless, as are the list of perks. Being able to take your heels off as soon as they start to hurt, dance around on soft carpet rather than a sticky floor and being safe in the knowledge that your lost iPhone is just hidden behind your mate’s cushion makes for a far more relaxing, and fun, night.

Plus there’s no expensive entrance fee! What a bonus!

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