Fear: Overcome your fear of interacting with a girl

Fear of communicating with girls in boys and reasons for her education. The article will give a recommendation to those young men who have decided to radically change their personal lives and find their happiness. The fear of interacting with girls is an uncomfortable feeling that young people can have after all the life situations that have befallen them. But in some cases, such phobia is solely due to the nature of the guy himself. To normalize the relationship of young men with the beautiful half of humanity, it is necessary to tackle the voiced problem for its best product solution.

Causes of fear of communication with girls

In any case, one should look for sources of phobia that prevent one from enjoying life to the fullest. The fear of meeting and interacting with young women in young people is usually based on the following reasons:

  • Fear of rejection … Not all members of the stronger sex are willing to hear “no” from a woman he likes, painless for his pride. If the attraction of passion has at the same time a very attractive look, then a stereotype is created that such beauty already has either a husband or fans. As a result, a young man is afraid to interact with such a person who attracts an admirable male gaze always and everywhere.
  • Depending on the opinion of the environment … Some young people are very worried about the question of what their closest acquaintances will think of them in certain situations. They are particularly concerned about criticism from friends, as parental advice is often taken out of hostility from young people. At the same time, a successful love partner can be afraid to meet girls.
  • Fear of interacting with people … This kind of social phobia can significantly complicate the relationship with the girl you like. A young man with such a mental pathology is afraid to interact not only with the opposite sex but also with all individuals in general.
  • Discourse Problems … If a boy licks or stutters, this will definitely not increase his self-esteem. Even with a very attractive appearance, he will be ashamed to go to work with girls, afraid of being ridiculed by them because of these language defects.
  • Physical disability … In this case, we can talk about both the problems that a young man imagines and the serious injuries of a young man. In the first case, it is enough to simply reconsider your priorities for life. Second, you cannot be without the help of a specialist psychologist because expressed fear can lead to suicide attempts.
  • Low social status … Not all young people can boast of a stable financial position. Many of them are in full-time study, which does not allow them to earn a significant extra income in their free time from lectures. For some kids, this fact is not a problem when it comes to girls. But over time, young men begin to realize that not all young women love financially bankrupt young men.
  • Bad experiences in the past … We all learn from our mistakes and over time realize that not everything is smooth in life. The fear of interacting with girls can develop when the woman’s wrong reaction has already occurred in response to an offer to meet. Even in a relationship that has developed before, a painful relationship between couples could take place as the chosen one hurt the boy’s pride when they divorced.
  • Excessive shyness … Not all young men can boast of a lively personality and the ability to communicate easily with the fair sex. Some overly influential men from an early age blush and become numb at the real opportunity to talk and share impressions with an interesting girl.
  • Inability to express your thoughts … You can be a generally recognized handsome man in the eyes of women if he does not have the ability to put even two words in a sentence. However, in many cases, a man’s appearance quickly becomes boring if there is nothing to talk about with the young man. In addition, when one meets a special person, such oral plugs can be lost to speakers, who have excellent speech and persuasive abilities.

Note! Kids have no fewer complexes than girls. In some cases, solely through the acquisition of experience, the real winner of women grows from a heart that has an immature personality.

Variety of fear of interacting with girls

Fear of acquaintance and further contact with the fair sex can be classified as follows:

  • Fear-numbness … In this case, you should talk about those kids who get knocked out in the eyes of a person who is kind to them. At the same time, they experience no fear but simply cannot be the first to start a conversation with the thing they like. Such an idol will certainly not attract the attention and interest of any coquette, because girls love the confidence of representatives of the opposite sex.
  • Panic Fear … Young people with increased anxiety will always be afraid of the upcoming relationship with an interesting girl for them. If a dynamic lady herself is able to be the first to start a relationship, then in the future a rather successful couple can come from such an experiment. Otherwise, the young man remains a teenager for life, even though there are many attractive individuals in his environment.
  • Show fear … Kids of this kind, with some of their beautiful braids, always show with all their appearance that it’s not bad for them to be alone in company with themselves. You can figure them out with the phrases “why do we need these girls”, “femininity is only capable of gossiping and looking in the mirror” or “a real man can never push anyone. With all that seems to be courageous, such artificial beings, deep down, want to get to know and communicate with the fair sex, but they are afraid of mistakes on their part, even if the development of knowledge is favorable.
  • Fear cycle … In this case, an animation immediately comes to mind where the horse was very sad about having to run in circles if he had another dream. Young people, with the current fear of interacting with the opposite sex, often refuse the opportunity to meet an attractive person. The reason for such a refusal of privacy is quite common: the fear of making fun of her and being rejected by another magnificent woman.
  • Hermitage for fear of communication … You can call the finish line that determines the impossible acquaintance between representatives of the opposite sex the young man’s fault. If the fear of being rejected becomes an obsession for a boy, then he withdraws and disappears from all attempts to establish his personal life.

You should in no case cultivate a phenomenon described in you, because being alone if you can correct the situation that has arisen is illogical behavior for kids. People of the best age should flirt and communicate with each other, which is considered normal in adolescence.

Ways to deal with the fear of girls

If the guy is determined to get rid of the described complexity, then he should take a serious part in his self-improvement. This process will not require much financial cost, but the young man will have to apply his will unequivocally and in large quantities.

fear of interacting with a girl
fear of interacting with a girl

Self-directed measures to eliminate the fear of girls

Representatives of the fair sex do not immediately make fun of young men who behave right towards them. Therefore, a young man should take the following steps when the problem arises, how to overcome the fear of communicating with a girl:

  • Improves appearance … At the same time, you can even choose a rather unusual image for those around you, but clothes must be clean when you go out. Using good perfume also does not hurt to attract the attention of magnificent girls. In addition, these factors have a significant effect on the increased self-esteem of a young man, who feels more confident in the appearance of flirtatious women in the direction.
  • Expanding your horizons … In this case, it will help to read fiction and watch high-quality movies. Every girl will immediately like a young man that there is something to talk about. Even a silly girl gets hypnotized when she looks into the mouth of a guy who talks a lot and matter-of-factly. The intellectual will be immediately moved by this, for in our day not all individuals are self-developing. At the same time, the complex young man himself is aware of himself as the initiator of a conversation, which can lead to friendship and even a love affair in the future. Hobbies also play an important role in communication. For example, if a guy can play the guitar nicely or sing songs, is a hiker or kayaker, then it will always be interesting with such a person.
  • History or an interesting sentence in the subject … The main thing in this business is to win the original interest in your character from a beautiful person. They are unequivocally met with the clothes, but a fun ride can last only on the basis of this episode for a short time. You should collect interesting jokes to make the girl you like a smile. However, in this case, it is necessary to keep in mind that black humor and bold statements will definitely remove the person you like, who will look at your boyfriend as a base table.
  • Sports activities … All actions to improve your body will increase the confidence of each individual. Yesterday’s “Goner” will definitely appeal to girls if he is in great physical shape after training. If there are no restrictions for health reasons then you can even take part in hand fighting. Young coquettes love young men who can stand up for them. In addition, in the same sports section, you can communicate with someone you like and trust in common interests.

Help psychologists eliminate the fear of interacting with girls

Professionals are always ready to help those who need their help. If problems arise, they advise you to act accordingly in such a program to get rid of complex sounds forever:

  • Learning body language … To find out for sure whether the young person you like or dislikes, it is worth keeping an eye on their initial reactions. If a girl looks at a young man and smiles at him, it does not mean that she has found something funny in his appearance. You should forget all the intricacies and try to start a conversation with an attractive object to flirt with. If a girl constantly straightens her hair and clothes when she looks at a young man, then she is unequivocally set on communicating with him and should not hesitate. When a young woman is the first to ask a boy questions and is interested in his life and hobbies, then the acquaintance can be considered successful.
  • Eye Care … You also need to be able to look at a sexually attractive object properly so as not to intimidate it with your ridiculous behavior. First of all, you should not look away when the girl looks the boy straight in the eye. She can draw the wrong conclusions in the form of being shy boredom or even a secret lunatic. There would also be no point in letting go of the gaze on any part of a young person’s body, which will look like either mockery or outright sexual violence towards her. You definitely need to look at the girl clearly, as she surrounds her with an expression. At the same time, she will not feel aggressive towards herself, but she will certainly notice a sincere interest in her character.
  • Self-training … It is necessary to love yourself and your body; because nature itself gave the young man available data. Therefore, it is worthwhile to start the arrangement of positive thoughts to the maximum. In this case, phrases like “I can do everything”, “I have no peers” and “all the girls are ready to meet me” will not hurt. With the problem described, you cannot be afraid to develop a Narcissus complex in yourself, because with low self-esteem in a young man, such a phenomenon is unlikely to happen.
  • Seeking help from friends … In every male company, there is a craftsman who does not see problems in meetings and further communication with girls. At first, it is worth visiting all the parties and banquets with him to observe his behavior. Besides, even next to such a generally accepted macho, even his silent friend will seem to the young ladies a rather mysterious person than a notorious person.

The fear of interacting with girls is often invented by the victim of a voiced phenomenon. However, this problem cannot be considered an insignificant factor, as it may deprive young people of the opportunity to build full-fledged relationships in the future.




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