A Thermos: How to Choose a Thermos

The main task of a thermos is the long-term storage of cold or heat. To avoid buying counterfeit or low-quality products, I will tell you how to choose suitable a thermos.

Thermos is a great invention that makes life easier. He is taken on trips and work trips, to work and nature.

A trip to nature or a walk in the woods will not bring joy without a thermos in your backpack. Taking a kettle and making tea on the fire is not always possible.

Decide for what purpose you are buying a thermos.

Before going to the store, decide for what purpose you are buying a thermos. If used for storing beverages, look for narrow-necked models. For products, a comprehensive mouth option is suitable.

  • Sphere model … Great for storing liquids. Model of an elongated shape, with a removable glass lid and a holster with a comfortable strap.
  • Pump-action … Not intended for carrying, stationary option. Maintains a liquid temperature for a long time. To pour cold or hot liquid into a case, press the mechanical button—no need to remove the lid.
  • Thermo issue … If you are running for a long time and on the way, like to taste a cup of hot tea, for example,  tea, pay attention to the thermos. The device retains heat for several hours.
  • Comprehensive model … Suitable for storing food and liquids. In most cases, it has a double plug to ensure perfect tightness. Equipped with a collapsible handle and lid can be used as a measure.
  • Sudkovy … The composition contains several spacious containers that are hermetically sealed. Despite its large dimensions, it is lightweight. Not surprisingly, the containers are made of plastic.
  • Hitapoki. The invention is used to store food at home. The main disadvantage is short temperature accumulation.

The capsules are made of plastic or metal. If you want to take a thermos on the road, buy a model with a metal case. If home use is intended, plastic casings will do just that. In addition, the cost of the plastic version is lower than the metal.

It is not out of the question to consider the flask’s content. In most cases, the bulb is made of steel, glass or plastic. Glass bottles hold heat well but are very sensitive. If you like a metal bottle, choose the stainless steel option. The disadvantage of the steel bottle is that food residue sticks to the walls, and traces of liquid remain.

The most convenient is a lightweight plastic bulb, which is not afraid of bumps. However, plastic quickly absorbs odours and pigments that affect the taste of food stored in the thermos.

If you have chosen a particular model, ensure the cap is tight and smells. If the smell is unpleasant, the product is made of cheap material.

How to Choose a Thermos for Tea

A thermos is a unique device that keeps the temperature for a long time. It usually contains liquid products: boiling water, compost, soups, broths, coffee or tea. How to choose a thermos for tea? I will discuss it in more detail.

The thermos consists of a body and a special bottle. There is a vacuum between the two elements. Bottles are made of metal or glass.

  • Glass bottle … It perfectly maintains the temperature of the liquid but is very sensitive. Such models are usually used at home to brew infusions and teas.
  • Metal bottle … Loses heat a little faster. Strength is considered the main advantage. A hot water bottle based on a metal flask would be the best solution if you often travel or go for walks.

In most cases, the body is made of metal or plastic. Here aesthetic desires come into view.

About a third of the heat is lost through the lid. Be sure to consider this when choosing.

  • The glass-based heat sinks are equipped with a balsa plug. After a specific time, such a plug breaks and begins to leak.
  • Metal products have plastic caps that are twisted. They are very airtight. Even if it falls off, the plastic cover will prevent liquid from leaking.
  • The best choice for tea is a lid with a lid. To pour a drink, press the button. As a result, hot tea does not lose temperature.

The amount of home temperature for tea is 0.25-20 litres. When choosing a volume, keep in mind your personal needs.

After purchasing the device, you can enjoy fragrant tea anytime, strengthening the body and giving energy. You should not save on the purchase. It is better to choose products from well-known manufacturers.

A Thermos
A Thermos

The Right Choice of Thermos for Drinks

A high-quality thermos allows you to save a lot of space in your backpack, keep you warm in the winter and quench your thirst with a fun liquid in the middle of summer. We can say that a thermos is a loyal companion of a person who enjoys an active lifestyle.

How to choose a thermos for drinks? The question is posed by all people who make their way through research, discovery and travel.

  • Pay attention to the models with a lid and a metal bulb. Such a device allows you to pour liquid without removing the cover. As a result, the drink does not heat up or cool down.
  • There is no room for carelessness and negligence in the choice. A tent heater should have a sturdy body that is not afraid of solid blows.
  • When you have finished your visual inspection, look inside and smell it. The high-quality model has no particular smell. Otherwise, you will enjoy a drink with an unpleasant aroma while walking.
  • The body of a good thermos bottle does not change temperature after filling with hot liquid. This property proves thermal conductivity. If the temperature of the case has risen, then the product cannot maintain the temperature for a long time.
  • Be sure to try out the purchased option before you go hiking. Pour in hot liquid and let sit for a quarter of an hour. If, after a while, the issue gets warm, then there is a flaw in the design.
  • When the hot tub passes the first test, refill with boiling water and let stand for 24 hours. Manufacturers must indicate how much the temperature of the liquid drops per day. After the time has passed, you can check if the symptoms are genuine.

Give yourself time to choose a beverage. The quality of the device determines the comfort of travel.

Tips for Choosing a Thermos for Food

Thermos is a beautiful little thing that will come in handy on a hike, at work, or on a long trip. Let’s discuss how to choose a heat bag for food and observe the variations of food models.

A food simulator is an essential item for a working person. You will no doubt be able to refresh yourself in the dining room, but the food quality is not always the same. When it comes to cafes that offer hearty meals, not everyone likes this food. A trip to a decent place of work costs quite a bit. If you buy hot water for the food, you can bring the warmth, aroma and taste of homemade food to work.

  • First of all, consider the ability to warm yourself. On modern products, it is written for food that this period reaches 8 hours. Temperature time is affected by the density and type of bottle.
  • Bottles are made of metal or glass. Both options hold up well.
  • The food temperature, which is finished with a tight container and a plastic insert, retains heat for 4 hours due to poor density.
  • If you like hot soups, follow the models based on a metal flask. In some cases, they are finished with containers and ships.
  • Container-free versions are usually 0.5 litres. Such a product is not suitable for adults. For a child just right.

The temperature record of all metal with ships is with a bottle where containers are placed on top of each other. Long-term heat storage is considered a thermos

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