Treating baby’s sensitive skin

A little while ago, when my baby was fairly small, he came up in a huge red rash all over his little body and we had to figure out what to do.

We checked it wasn’t anything that needed immediate action, and tried some elimination techniques. We stopped using ‘bio’ washing powder and heavily-perfumed additives in the washing cycle. We tried swapping out dairy for plant-based milks. We tried creams like E45 and some others. Nothing worked so we went to the doctor to seek further advice.

Luckily, they said it wasn’t the worst case of sensitive skin they had seen, and gave me some emollient creams to treat my little one and recommended some cleansers for sensitive skin for the bath. I was fairly cynical about this as we’d already tried so much, but the doctor was completely right, and after a few days the redness went away and normal service was resumed. It’s never been as bad since that time so it seems it was just a blip.

It was after this time, the press team at Aveeno offered to send me a few products to try and I leaped at the chance because I knew my child had a history of sensitive skin. They sent me the bath wash, moisturiser and some baby wipes to try.

The product description says this: “Moisturises baby’s dry skin for 24h. With oat essence and colloidal oatmeal. Also suitable for babies who may be prone to eczema. For daily use. Feels nourishing and non-greasy. Provides fast relief for very dry skin. Free from parabens, dyes and alcohol. Paediatrician tested. Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. “

I’ve been using the bath wash for the children in the bath, and it foams up very nicely, has a gentle, natural scent and seems to be kind to skin.

We’ve actually managed to return to a fairly normal routine with our youngest since his sensitive skin flare-up, but I think it’s always comforting if you know that you are using products that are kind to sensitive skin.

Aveeno is often recommended to help children (and adults) if they have chicken pox as it’s soothing, so it feels like it makes sense to use it on a more regular basis.

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