Don’t let your commute ruin your suit

Did you know that that 3.7 million commuters travel for around two hours or more everyday whilst getting to work ? This includes public transport, walking, cycling, driving, or a combination according to statistics from 2016.

As well as this trek to work, many of us are carrying heavy bags, and if you work in the city, you are likely to be wearing a suit – undoubtedly uncomfortable whilst traveling for a considerable amount of time.

Here, we’ll take a look at what steps you can take to avoid ruining your suit for work.

A suit made for the commute

Your work suit shouldn’t be your go-to-wedding suit. Look out for the signs of a suit that are suitable for your commute:

  • Choose a lightweight wool that’s not going to trap in heat when you’re rushing to and from work.
  • Choose an elastic waistband to give you comfort during your commute.
  • Added elastane increases the flexibility of the suit and allows it to ‘bounce’ back to its shape after repeated wear and folding.

How to protect your suit

Your commute can have negative effects on the threads of your suit.

From creasing 

Cycle or walk to work? Your men’s shirt will probably be a bit sweaty by the time you get there. Not only can this be damaging to the material of your shirt and jacket, it’s also likely to smell later in the day. Getting caught in the rain can also have negative effects on your suit as often it doesn’t have a chance to dry out fully throughout the day. Instead, consider commuting in workout clothes and freshening up when you get to work. 

Crease-resistant material is an excellent investment for commuting to work. Just fold it up and it’ll be good as new to pop on when you arrive at work. Sitting in the same position on a bus, tube, or in a car can cause your suit to become creased — not a great look for meetings throughout the day!

From the weather  

Weather conditions that are harsh can be damaging to your suit. During the winter seasons, road salt can be damaging to your shoes and the slush and snow can have long lasting effects if your shoes aren’t dried out properly. And leaving the house with out an umbrella can be damaging to your hair! 

Purchase a shoe spray which can ‘prevent and seal’ the material and decrease weather damage. One way to do this is with beeswax — this creates a thin protective layer over the material of the footwear. 

If you wear suede shoes, hydrophobic suede protector is ideal for you. If you find a good spray, this can cover your shoes with a waterproof layer as the spray repels water.

From dirt

Public transport can leave dirt marks on your suit. You should brush your suit jacket down every day to prevent this dirt from becoming embedded in the suit and harder to remove in the future. Avoid dry cleaning your suit too often. Instead, for stains that are hard to remove, send your suit for a spot clean. 


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