Puttin’ on the spritz

I wanted to try this Tri-Spritz from Frances Prescott as I love her Tri Balm and find it such a time saver for cleansing my skin with ease.

It’s the second in their capsule collection of multifunction skincare.

So, the idea with this product is that you spritz it in before applying your ‘face’ to protect skin, and then afterwards again to seal your make-up. The brand call it a ‘daily defence’ as it’s designed to condition and repair skin, as well as protect again pollution which is obviously no laughing matter if you live in South London like I do.

So, after trying it for a few weeks, I can say that I really love the brand and have a lot of trust in their products. It’s quite hard to say what effects that it’s had, as I imagine it’s going to work in the background rather than, say a Liquid Gold from Alpha H, where you can see results in a few days. If it were up for an Oscar, I would put it in the ‘supporting’ category rather than the main slot.

It’s not cheap either, so I think this is one for true beauty addicts. I’m not sure I could justify the spend, even if I trust this product to be working wonders.

I’m going to test it’s staying power with the Ciate Marbled Metals eyeshadow that I have, which is transferring onto my cheeks at inopportune moments.

If you have the choice, get the Tri-Balm from Frances Prescott as a priority – it’s really a great balm cleanser wrapped up into a chubby stick which saves time, mess and more in the morning. It’s really great. For now, this spritz is sat on the benches, waiting in the wings to shine.

Buy Tri-Spritz from Frances Prescott for £45, here

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