Pretty green: The perfect metallic eyeshadow

I’ve long documented by obsession with finding the perfect green metallic eyeshadow. I thought I’d found it when I picked up Stila’s Shimmer & Glow in Vivid Jade, but now I’ve got a contender with Ciate’s Marbled Metals in Twisted.

It’s unbelievably good in application. The swatch rings true when you apply it to the lids of your eyes, and goes on (fingertips are the best tool, apparently) like a swathe of pure dark, twisted emerald.

The magic really occurs when you move your head. The eyeshadow flashes like the stunning green of a beetle’s wing, dancing across the lids in a beautiful metallic sheen. It’s really, very stunning.

It’s absolutely incredible in application and result, and I love the effect it gives. It blends nicely, has hardly any drop when you apply and is really a very impressive product.

However – the two times I’ve worn it for a full day, right at the end of the day it has transferred onto my cheeks in two big semi-circles leaving me looking like the Joker. Oh dear.

I love the eyeshadow so much, that I’m determined to find a fix for this. I think the transfer happened when I screwed up my face – being a mother of two means that this is sometimes unavoidable! But I can imagine if you wore this out to a party or clubbing, you might need to pack a pocket of wet wipes just in case there was a similar issue.

So, the next time I wear the eyeshadow, I’ll wear a primer and a fixer. I don’t think a glitter glue will be placed as it’s a soft, buttery eyeshadow, but if the primer and fixer don’t work, I’ll have to take more extreme measures.

The perfect eyeshadow, right in my hands. Just now have to find a way to make it stick.

Buy Ciate’s Marbled Metals in Twisted for £22 here.

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